Upstate New York Real Estate

Officially there is no designated area that is mapped as Upstate New York.  The term "Upstate" can refer to different areas depending on which part of New York you are from.  New Yorkers, being from New York City refer to anything north of New York City and Long Island as Upstate New York.  Using the term Upstate in the way that many urban New Yorkers do, would put communities such 

Upstate New York Real Estate Mapas Westchester, Putnam and Rockland counties in the context of being Upstate when infact they are located in the southern tier of New York State (downstate).  People from communities even more north of Westechester and Rockland such as Ulster, Dutchess, Orange and Sullivan Counties consider themselves Upstate New Yorkers when clearly, almost two-thirds of the state lies above them.  When talking to people from the true Upstate New York region of the Adirondacks, they will till you that the only Upstate New York is the areas of the state that put you closest to Canada.

Upstate New York Lifestyle

Outside the geographic use of the term, some would say that it refers to lifestyle and not location evoking sentiments of rural living and traditional values counter to those of New York City. Upstate can also be used to describe areas that are both north of and significantly more rural than the home location of the individual using the term (despite his or her actual location within the state).


In addition to its cultural and geographical relationship to NYC, The metropolitan area is highly dependent on Upstate New York for a multitude of services. Two of the most important of those being electricity and water. Upstate New York is home to the many reservoirs that are the source of the city's water supply via the Delaware Aqueduct and the Catskill Aqueduct. A large amount of the city's electric supply comes from state owned hydroelectric plants. Conversely, the operation of state facilities providing these services is an integral part of the upstate financial system.

Upstate New York Real Estate

For the purpose of describing Upstate New York real estate, real estate agents, home buyers and sellers are usually referring to the Hudson Valley and Catskill regions. The reason for such a reference comes from the accessibility of the areas from New York City being a drivable distance of 2 hours or less. In addition, the New York media markets stretch from the metro areas of New York north to the Catskills reinforcing the use of the term Upstate New York as used by people in New York City.