Posted by Tinsy Seche on Monday, February 15th, 2010 at 5:24pm.

Woodstock Mountain ViewsWoodstock has its share of many fine attributes.  But aside from its reputation as an Arts Colony with its many fine galleries, theatrical performances and live music venues, Woodstock is home to many people because of its natural beauty amongst some of the most beautiful settings in the Catskill Mountains.  Not only will you find some of the most quaint, eclectic and charming shops and restaurants fronting Mill Hill Road and Tinker Street as anywhere else in the Hudson Valley, but taking just a short drive into the countryside of the Town of Woodstock will endear you to this township forever.

Woodstock’s roots go back to farmers and quarrymen and there are many charming farmhouses tucked into the mountains along the winding country roads.  These roads will take you through Shady and Lake Hill where the meandering Sawkill Creek empties into and back out of the picturesque Cooper Lake then continues through Woodstock until it empties into the Esopus Creek in Lake Katrine.  The Town of Woodstock is also host to the Beaverkill which flows through Willow and Lake Hill and the Little Beaverkill at Yankeetown Pond.  Taking into account that Woodstock is set amongst the beautiful Catskill Mountains, it is no wonder that so many streams and brooks flow through its hollows and valleys.  Mountain views can be seem from most areas within the township as it lies between Mt. Tobias, Overlook Mountain, Mead Mountain and Mount Guardian.  Taking a climb into any of these vistas can open up miles of views on which to set your eyes.  Hiking Overlook Mountain is a visitor’s favorite with the old ruins of Overlook Mountain House and the Fire Tower at the summit, you can see beyond the Catskills and into Massachusetts and Connecticut as well.

Living within the Catskill Mountains, we often pass mountain views while doing our routine chores, but being fortunate enough to have these views from our own backyards is not just a blessing but an attribute as well.  Mountain views add value to our properties.  When second homebuyers from the New York City metropolitan areas make up their “needs and wants”  list for their dream property to purchase, you can bet that mountain views will be on the top of that list.  Buyer’s may be able to sacrifice the size or layout of the house if it provides them with the tranquility factor that views can provide.  Those mountain views play a big part in not only the overall value of the property but in how quickly that property will sell.

With all that Woodstock has to offer, it is no wonder that it has become such a popular place not only to visit, but to invest in and live in whether you’re a part-timer or full timer.  To be sure, just ask a local Woodstocker if they ever get bored of calling Woodstock their home.  You know, I’ll bet you already know the answer!

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