Ulster County Real Estate: Tips To Add Value To Your Home

Posted by Dominique Musialkiewicz on Saturday, January 23rd, 2010 at 8:59am.

Ulster County Real EstateContinuing from my previous blog: Ulster County Real Estate: Improve The Saleability Of Your Home, this is tip # 2: Let the light in – don’t forget about the front door!

Here we go with another home tip that adds curb appeal, light and value to your excising home. The front door.

On the first viewing of my current home,  entered a nice sized entry hallway and noticed that once the doors shut behind me, it was dark. The solid double doors were painted a reddish / coral color, possibly to attract a prospective buyer. I guess after a year or so on the market, it may have been time to take another look at that entry door for a makeover. I knew I had to change those front doors.

Whether a single or double door, or a door with side lights, just remember that this is your first impression to the outside world. For me, with existing double doors, I decided to do a double door replacement.

The doors I chose were insulated of course. For me, glass in the doors was a must. For that traditional country cottage feel, don’t forget the grills.

Every morning as I round the corner from the hallway into the foyer I know I made the right decision. The light pours into the entryway, living room and kitchen. Wow, what a difference a door makes - See the before & after shots....

Before:                                                                              After:

Ulster County Real EstateUlster County Real Estate

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