Ulster County Real Estate - Tips For Sellers

Posted by Dominique Musialkiewicz on Thursday, November 11th, 2010 at 2:45pm.

Ulster County Real Estate - Tips For Sellers

Crazy as it might seem I have this thing about mailboxes. At my previous home I had a mailbox hanging to the right of my front door. The mail carrier walked up on my porch and delivered my mail. My mailbox then was a beautiful large Longaberger Basket mailbox with an attached wooden lid and hand signed on the bottom and dated by the individual basket weaver. This was of course in the days when I sold these baskets and basically was supporting my own collecting habit. I think this is when my fixation on the mailbox started.

Is a mailbox just for practical purposes? It never has been for me and I know that there are many more of you out there of like mind.

Now onto my current mailbox. This mailbox sort of evolved. The previous owner had painted the post of the mailbox to match the front door of the house. They were both orange. Ulster CountyOnce I painted the 1970's beige looking brick on the front of my home white and added the wide black classic shutters, well the idea for my mail box came into play. Keep it simple. A white post with a black box. It looked fine for years until the wood post rotted to the point of no return and even the paint wouldn't stick anymore.

Oh no, I have become one of those bad mailbox people. When my neighbor offers to slap a coat of paint on it for me this year I realized it was time. See the picture.

Ulster County Real EstateMy next step was picking out a new post at the local hardware store that would not break the bank There was the really plain one for $22 and the step up pressure treated for $24 and then was the one I purchased which was cedar for $28. For a couple of extra bucks  it was well worth it because it had a much more finished, sanded look to it and didn't look like it was run over by a truck.  Next was a visit to the fencing area to purchase a square cap and screw on ball for the top. This will complete the look and all for around $40. Not bad, I love it!!!.

1. MAILBOX IN A BUCKET. You move into your new home in the winter and fill a bucket with sand or cement, stick the post in it and when spring comes you never get around to cementing it into the ground. Help me Lord! It stays this way for the next 20 years. This is what I call mailbox in a bucket.
2. MAILBOX ON A STOOL. This is the same concept, but this one you usually see up on a porch. A couple of days, okay. A couple of years, well you know the answer.

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miss feliss wrote: I love this post.... what a great concept, I would never have thought to make a point to sellers to make sure a mailbox is in good order. After all it is probably the first thing a potential buyer is going to notice when driving up to the house, why not make a statement? Love it!

Posted on Monday, April 11th, 2011 at 7:23pm.

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