Ulster County Real Estate - Tips for Sellers

Posted by Kyla Thomas on Friday, November 5th, 2010 at 11:48am.

Ulster County Real Estate - Tips for Sellers

There are a number of things that as a seller, you may want to consider before you contact a REALTOR to list & market your home. First and foremost, understand that the buyer’s and their lenders in most cases will be conducting inspections. You as a seller should therefore either have a pre-sales inspection conducted to understand what issues need fixing and addressing, or be very honest with yourself about the condition of the home. Upon the conclusion of this inspection, if you go that route, you will have a good idea surrounding what issues will be brought up in the negotiation of the home. The buyer’s inspector will report what is “wrong” with the property and you must then either address the issues by doing a cost benefit, should I fix this or give a credit. Once you understand what is in question, you can see how you would like to proceed by either accepting the offer or refusing the offer in the hopes that this buyer will stay and another buyer if found, will not be as concerned about the outstanding issues.

In today’s market, buyers are counting pennies, and due to the current employment and lending environment, if you get someone interested in your property, you should do what you can within reason to assist in closing the deal. If a buyer needs to make a choice between two properties, generally speaking, they will choose the one that needs the least amount of work. So it may cost you as the seller some money up front to prepare your home for sale, but that may be the difference between selling the house and having it languish on the market.

Another good reason to go ahead and conduct a pre-sales home inspection is for marketing purposes. There are so many homes currently on the market, that getting a pre-inspection may give you a leg up in marketing your home to potential buyers.

Thinking about selling your home – give me a call to discuss other marketing strategies.

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