Ulster County Real Estate - Thoughts On Going Green

Posted by Kyla Thomas on Monday, January 4th, 2010 at 2:02pm.

So you want to save the Planet, look in the mirror to start….

Ulster County Real Estate Green TechnologyGreen Technology, Going Green, Save the Environment; what ever you call it, for homeowners, it is just a repackaging of the old weatherization and modernization mantra. I know, I know, how dare I not genuflect before the holey alter of what is currently in fad and politically correct, but that’s me. I mean come on, if you were serious about supplying a constant, proven, accessible, job providing, source of energy, over the long term, with no additional green house gases pumped into the atmosphere, we would be talking nuclear power. Yes there is a storage issue concerning nuclear waste, but as is done currently, it will be stored on site. Like the French, who derive 75% of there domestic energy needs from nuclear, freeing them from much of the pesky international petroleum market and her inherent issues, nuclear would be a magnificent solution.

Alright, let me get off the soap box and back to the issue of weatherization. What used to be the responsibility of the individual now seems to have invaded the halls of Congress, and become a national issue. It has spawned a whole industry of individuals to assist the homeowner. Having been raised in Ulster County, one quickly realizes that the seasons bring the challenges of a variety of weather. If a window was drafty you fixed it or did something to address the issue till you could give it the proper attention. Voids were packed with insulation, or sprayed with foam. Doors and windows, which by the way are the largest culprits in energy transfer, would get additional stripping. At my parent’s home in Tillson, we would take a weekend, and do a punch-list of spaces/issues that would need to be addressed. It is a wonderful way to get and stay familiar with your home, which is probably the largest investment in your life. So why wouldn’t you want to take care of it…

Lastly, if you live in Saugerties, Woodstock, Hurley, or New Paltz, you can bring your list of home needs to your local Hardware Store and get some good “free” advice and ideas. Plus you support local business and make great contacts. If you live in Kingston or the Town of Ulster, the bigger box stores can provide more in the way of cutting edge, but are not always convenient to get your questions answered. Finally, and I mean finally, what is wrong with helping your neighbors? If you have the time, get to know the neighbors, and if they are elderly or disabled, make it a priority. Believe me, you will feel better about yourself, and you might save them the expense of having to look to hire someone, to do something, that can be done in minuets by you. So get off your rump and make this New Year really special. I’m done.....

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