Ulster County Real Estate: The Holidays, Local Attractions & More

Posted by Meg Ehmann on Wednesday, December 30th, 2009 at 2:44pm.

So now that the holidays are over and the New Year is approaching rapidly…..you look at your spouse and say now what?  What can we do now?  If you are from Ulster County, or anywhere in Upstate New York, then you know that the next few months are usually the rough ones.  It’s cold….It’s freezing….It’s snowing…..You can’t go out side and play soccer, or swim in the pool, or even give your car a good wash.  The days are shorter, and the nights are longer.  So why not try out some different places to eat and shop locally.  Born and raised here in Ulster County, I have had the pleasure to enjoy some of what I think are the best places to eat, shop, and just get lost for the day or as my family calls it “muffin huntin”.   

sweetsue_400Well if you like pancakes, I have the perfect place for you to try.  The name is Sweet Sue’s, located just outside if the Woodstock area, off of Route 28 in Phoenicia.  Can you say OMG!!  Well these are some of the best I ever had and you can get them with just about anything on them from fruits to chocolate, these are a sure treat. Sweet Sue’s is a perfect place to stop on your way to Hunter or Belleayre Mountain to go skiing.  I promise you, you won’t be hungry for hours. 

Speaking of chocolate…..did you ever try Krause’s?  Right in the heart of Saugerties this family owned business has been making exceptional gourmet candies and chocolates for over 80 years.  If you are ever in Saugerties, make this a #1 spot on your list.  While you are in Saugerties area, don’t miss Dallas Hot Wieners for lunch, great place to grab a quick hotdog with great fries, and again family owned you will always get a smile when you walk in the door. 

stone-ridge_550One of my favorite places to eat dinner is just out side the Stone Ridge area in a little town named Rosendale is called the Red Brick Tavern.  Awesome!  This place has a great atmosphere, great food, and it just has an all over good feeling.  Make sure to have reservations, because the good word is getting out, and you won’t be disappointed.  Another option for dinner that I recently had the pleasure of trying over the holidays is the Inn at Stone Ridge, just re-opened under new ownership, the food was amazing and as I sat next to the huge fireplace and enjoyed my meal with great friends. 

For all my beer lovers out there, I would recommend that you stop in New Paltz at Bacchus where you can choose from over 14 different beers on tap, with over 300 different brands of beer from 50 states and 60 countries.  You are sure to find one that you like, and can grab a quick game of pool too.  For some shopping, each town has great boutiques like Next Boutique on the historic Rondout, Dig in the village of Saugerties, Bop to Tottom in uptown Kingston.  Then there are all the other places like Woodstock & New Paltz where you can browse and just muffin hunt for hours.   

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