Ulster County Real Estate - Staging Tips

Posted by Cathy Lenz on Monday, November 8th, 2010 at 7:46am.

Ulster County Real Estate - Staging Tips

Pets As Potential Distractions

Pets are such a part of our lives.  They are often treated better than family members.  In many cases, they are  the siblings or children we never had.  Unfortunately, they can be an issue when it comes to selling a home.  How so you ask?

As much as we love our furry or feathered friends, many people are frightened by our pets. Not everyone wants to be greeted by a large, slobbering dog who thinks every visitor is there to see them and is just so excited to have company. Our beloved cats lying across the bed pillows or peering down from atop the kitchen cabinets can be found by some as unsanitary or disturbing.  Cleo the cat doesn't see the problem, since Mom and Dad never question her behavior.  When a showing is scheduled, it is wise to remove the animals from the home.  A dog can be taken for a car ride or a walk.  A cat can be placed in its carrier for a short period of time. If you have to be gone all day, perhaps a friend or neighbor can help out and take your pet family to their homes.

It is a good idea to remove all pet dishes, toys and beds out of sight.  This eliminates the possibility of a potential buyer falling over the over sized dog bed or twisting an ankle on the toy mouse. The reason this might happen is because they/the buyers are looking at the home's beautiful architecture and not at the myriad of scattered mice, bones, balls and rubber squeakies scattered on the floor.

We must not forget litter boxes.  Even when they are spotless, a litter box is a distasteful sight to see.  This comes from an owner of four cats who totally run the house. Crunching litter underfoot is not an inviting sound.  Hide those litter boxes.  Better yet, remove them from the viewing space as to eliminate any odors from wafting out and mixing with the fresh scent that took  a half day's worth of cleaning and disinfecting to create.

Small pets such as snakes, lizards, hamsters and birds are also potential problems during viewings. Many people have phobias when it comes to these pets.  I know of an instance where a buyer refused to enter a home when they were told that there were snakes inside.  Now I am talking about confined pet snakes, not outdoor snakes that have taken up residence in the basement or attic.  Had the owners removed the snakes previous to the showing, their house may have sold that day.  Bird feathers floating from your macaw's cage and seeds strewn around its base are another turn off.  A home showing is not the best time for the bird to test out its vocal skills ....scaring the viewers out of their wits when it lets out a loud squawk as they pass its cage.

I know this all sounds trivial, but when selling a home, it really is in the best interest for all parties including the pets to be kept out of each other's way. Remember, better showings create the possibility of selling and moving on quicker.

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This Home Sellers Tip is provided by: Anna Sember, of The Well Dressed House.

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