Ulster County Real Estate: New Years Resolution, You Must Be Crazy…

Posted by Kyla Thomas on Saturday, January 2nd, 2010 at 8:49am.

As the New Year pushes onward, the young pup of a year has historically seen my resolutions fall off the wayside pretty quickly. I mean, why drag something out that is going to happen anyway, right! We all participate in the struggle to keep the promise. Every year I say, “This is the year that I get back into shape!” Well I tricked myself and surprised others by starting a workout routine four months ago. I have returned to my childhood, (some would say I never left), and started a boxing workout routine with a trainer. It is a great way to get into shape, a wonderful workout, and hey, you’re not getting your head beat in! 

If you were unaware, this area of the Hudson Valley, Ulster County in particular, has a rich history of supporting some of the most accomplished boxers in the sport. As a kid growing up in the Rosendale area, I use to ride my bicycle down Springtown road to New Paltz to workout and train at Floyd Patterson’s. Although Floyd passed away a few years ago, he had a program that was open to kids of all shapes, sizes, and abilities. Today, there are some of Floyd’s family members still in the area, and some of them have distinguished them selves in the sport, and carry on the tradition of providing their knowledge to others. Dempsey’s in Kingston, I hear, is a good place to train, although I have not trained there myself. I do my training in Saugerties with Livingstone Bramble, a former World Champion and currently an accomplished trainer. I always call him Mr. Bramble, because I figure he has earned it. When out of ear shot, I call him other things while working out, but let’s keep this clean…One last place of interest for training champions was the late Cus D’amato’s in Catskill. I believe that Kevin Rooney is still in the business, and in the area. Mr. Rooney was a former trainer for Mike Tyson in the early years.

What would boxing be without running? When I was in shape, I use to do road work in the “gunks”, as well as in the High Falls and Stone Ridge areas. Great places to run, and the roads were not crowded and crazy. Now I do most of my work on a tread mill, (at least small creatures and turtles aren’t passing me by)…So if your looking for something different, look to boxing and find a trainer that can push you to your maximum effort. Then let’s talk and I will tell you what I call Mr. Bramble….     

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