Ulster County Real Estate: How To Sell Your House In A Tough Market

Posted by Tinsy Seche on Wednesday, September 1st, 2010 at 7:56pm.

Selling your house in this market?  I don’t need to tell you it can be challenging!  Let’s see, you pick an agent you like, they put up the “For Sale” sign, place your property on MLS and whaalaa a buyer appears….well, it’s not that simple, especially in a tough real estate market like the one we’ve all been faced with for the last couple of years. So, here are a few tips for selling your home in Ulster County:


First, Hire the Right Agent!  Don’t just pick out an agent you “like”, pick out an agent who is informed, has plenty of experience, good communication skills and a good firm to back them up.  When I say a “good firm” I mean a company that doesn’t skimp on advertising, has a good presence in the internet and is willing to expose your property in as many sites and by as many different means as possible.


Second, Price it Right!  The agent you choose should do a thorough search of comparable listings and sales and fully explain to you where your property falls in relation to these “comps”.  Don’t just trust an agent that tells you off the top of their head how much your property is worth.  On the other hand, don’t place a list price on your property based on what you came up with off the top of your head either.  The market will always dictate what your house will sell for – you should know that ahead of time rather than continue to reduce the price for months until you finally arrive at the right price and it sells.  Remember, in a declining market, as time goes by the value drops as well – don’t “chase” the market!


Third, Dress to Impress!  We all hear about “curb appeal” and “staging” but do they really have an impact on the sale of your house? In a word, Yes!  Even if you don’t go out and hire a professional stager, there are many things that will show off your homes best attributes.  Ask your agent for a list of things they would recommend prior to putting up the “for sale” sign.


Fourth, A Picture Tells a Thousand Words.  With the internet being a buyer’s main source for searching for a home, the right photo can make or break your house in a few short seconds.  Most buyers clicking through house listings make a decision quickly on whether or not to bother reading the listing details based solely on the pictures they see….so, need I say more…Insist that your agent only put great photos in the internet! The order of the photos makes all the difference as well, a website may only highlight the first one to four photos and not all 12 the agent has submitted, a buyer may conclude that its “just not the house for them” long before they ever get to that 10th photo with the beautiful rushing trout stream right in the backyard!


There are so many more tips for selling your Ulster County Real Estate in a tough market, but the idea is to make your house out shine the competition and get as much exposure as possible, so, put your thinking cap on, listen to your agent and make sure he/she is listening to you as well!      

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Green Bay Homes wrote: Peggy,

Looks like we share a lot in common about the principles of selling a home in difficult market. You really hit home with me on all these issues. If a seller hires an agent that will do all of these must need tasks they will be way ahead of the competition.

Keep up the great work! Love your site

Posted on Sunday, September 5th, 2010 at 8:38pm.

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