Ulster County Real Estate: Horse Farms

Posted by Kyla Thomas on Friday, February 26th, 2010 at 1:07pm.

Ulster County Horse Farm

The steady breathing of an athlete covering ground quickly. The early morning mist, disturbed by the constant unending beat echoing off the turf. The distinctive aroma that is work and success, are all byproducts of the ever expanding equine industry in the Hudson River Valley, that’s right, Horse Farms.

There have always been Horse Farms in the Valley, be it for the breeding of thoroughbreds, or to meet other unique equine needs such as draft or show horses. Farms for boarding or pleasure riding have always had a place in the community, however, in the past number of years, and with the introduction of Horse Show in the Sun, (HITS), in Ulster County, there has been tremendous new growth within this formerly niche community.

It is now possible to choose from a very wide variety of Horse Farms, as to what types of needs and services can be provided for the occasional horse fancier, all the way up to and including Olympic caliber riders. No longer must one relay on a very few Horse Farms as was customary in days gone by, but today the variety provides for a cornucopia of possibilities.  


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