Ulster County Real Estate - Home Staging Tips

Posted by Cathy Lenz on Monday, November 15th, 2010 at 7:40am.

Ulster County Real Estate - Home Staging Tips

Empty Out Those Closets

Oh, those dreaded closets!  They are the deep, dark recesses into the corners of our homes.  The spaces that have been storing the same stuff since you first moved into your house, maybe ten or more years ago.  Well, when you are getting ready to sell, the closets have to be cleared. This same method of editing should be applied to all of your storage spaces.

Even the largest walk-in closet can look small when crowded with all the clothes and shoes we own.  In many cases, the clothes are in varying sizes for when we either gain a little weight or for when we finally get back into the shape we were as a young girl or guy.  But, we all know in our hearts those small sizes will never see the light of day.  Added to the fact that fashion experts advise us, if we wore the style the first time, we shouldn’t consider wearing it the next time it comes into vogue.  You know all about the padded shoulder blazers, the acid washed jeans and the hot pink ski bunny outfit in a size 0 lingering in the back of everything else. Selling your home is the time to rid yourself of these dated items. Give the remaining clothes lots of room to swing freely.  Make sure all doors can open and close easily.

Replace all the wire hangers with matching padded or plastic hangers.  Most dry cleaners will gladly take back wire hangers. Ideally, clothes should be color coordinated and hanging in the same direction.  Imagine a buyer opening a closet door and seeing everything inside in perfect order. Not only will they be impressed by your sense of tidiness, but they will be able to see the spaciousness within and envision their own wardrobe hanging just as beautifully.

Pare down the shelves of any unnecessary items.  I don’t think the home will make a good impression if the realtor has to dig out the buyer buried under an avalanche of clothes. Keep the floor clear of shoes and when showing a home do not store soiled laundry in the closet.  The smell of socks and gym clothes or the visual of worn undergarments are a sure turnoff to prospective buyers.

Think about it this way… by emptying your closets now, you will have less to pack and unpack.  You also have the added bonus of not having to figure out how you are going to fit all those clothes into your new closets.  Charities are always appreciative for the donations of clean, slightly worn items and you can feel better about helping someone in need.

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This Home Sellers Tip is provided by: Anna Sember, of The Well Dressed House.

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Mesa wrote: Wow! What a great post, I think everyone can relate. I even chuckled a little at the hot pink ski bunny suit. But purging through unused things in your home really is a great idea when moving. It's time to start over, cleanse and refresh!

Posted on Wednesday, November 17th, 2010 at 11:54am.

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