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Ulster County Real Estate

Whether you live in the “City” of Kingston in Ulster County, one of the many small hamlets or villages or you choose to live in a remote rural area of the county, there is one thing we Ulster County residents have in common, its that “small town” feeling.  Although Kingston and the surrounding township of Ulster are dotted with familiar franchises such as Lowe’s, Wal-Mart, Applebee’s, McDonald’s and the like, those of us that are familiar with living or working in Kingston all know just how “small town” Kingston can actually be.  I can’t remember a day of shopping that I didn’t run into someone else that I knew along the way.  Oh, there’s my husband’s golf buddy, or, Oh, there’s my daughter’s Soccer Coach, or Oh, there’s the woman I sold that cute little house to some years ago….that is “small town” and that is what’s so nice about where we live.

Ulster County Real EstateBut if you live in one of the small hamlets or villages in Ulster County, you’ll not only see people you know but you’ll be entrenched in a conversation with them within seconds.  “How is your mom doing?  I hear she was in the hospital for a week.  Has she had any trouble with the bear lately?  How about her dog?  Did she ever get his paw fixed? “, Oh, yeah, “small town”.  I live in the Town of Olive “where everyone knows your name...” or at least they know your dad or your sister or your daughter or your dog…you get it, you can’t get-a-way with anything!  When I open the local newspaper, I actually see letters to the editor from people I know and photos of local people as well.  (Some more than others).  I like it that way.  It’s like we are all one big family.  You know how families are, sometimes they agree, sometimes they disagree but when push comes to shove, well, they’re there for you.  I’ve seen this many times in the Town of Olive.  Families or individuals with problems or difficulties and the town comes together as a group or as individuals to help, donate, encourage.  I’m proud to be “small town” because it’s usually easy to encounter many a “big heart”.  Although I encounter many residents that grew up in Olive and so did their parents and grandparents, a good deal of the people of Olive are “first generation” as well.  These folks came to Olive because they chose Olive to be their home and their home it is.  One has only to come, introduce ones self and join in with local activities to be embraced by the towns people. 

The scenic beauty of the Catskill Mountains and picturesque Ashokan Reservoir may allure you to this charming town but the warmth of the people will keep you here.  The “small town” of Olive will inevitably become your “home town” once you settle in.  So, if you see me in the Boiceville Supermarket, please stop me to catch me up on your latest “bear story” because I really am interested! 


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