Ulster County Real Estate -“Animal Paradise” or “You want an animal pen with that house?”

Posted by Kyla Thomas on Thursday, December 3rd, 2009 at 10:24am.

I’m busy; you’re busy, as we all are, it’s called life. Because of this, I tend to do a lot of activities after hours, and at odd times during the slower days. (Plenty of that recently!)  So I am taking my newest bundle of energy to my Veterinarians office in Woodstock for shots and a check up. As I maneuver this eighty pound ping pong ball into an exam room, it dawns on me that maybe, just maybe, he will need a bit of training. Seems like the staff already assumed this, because no sooner had I broached the subject than an address for a training program in Kingston was pushed into my hand. One of the best in Ulster County I’m told, and really adapt for your needs. What am I to make of that, I am starting to feel a bit self-conscious?   

After filling out all the forms and getting the coiled spring into a class, it is amazing what you see at a late evening training class. As I stand with the other owners quietly hoping that my guy will not be the worst in class, I know it’s already too late. After I untangle the leather lead from around my legs for the hundredth time, and the other owners get to chat as their charges socialize, I realize that I am the only Real Estate agent in class, at least the only one that admits it. You get the, “what is my house worth questions,” with the, “how horrible is this market.” Yup, feeling better already!

However, not all is lost. The remarkable thing about people who own animals is that they will go to great lengths to accommodate their pets. I was approached about homes with exterior acreage to run and roam. I mention New Paltz, (good university town and close to the Gunks, if you like climbing), to High Falls and Stone Ridge. I am asked about houses with access to water along rivers such as the Esopus, Roundout, and Hudson Rivers, to something more situated in the Catskills of Western Ulster County, like in the Phoenicia area. So the moral of the story is that animal owners are caring, loving people, and just a little crazy for their pets welfare.  

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