Ulster County, “It’s more than just a pretty face…”

Posted by Kyla Thomas on Wednesday, December 16th, 2009 at 7:23am.

Often times it is easy, very easy to loose sight of the benefit of living in a particular area. Yes, we all get caught up in the local hoopla of politics, unflattering news, budget difficulties, economic activity, or lack there of, and yet the old phrase, “no matter where you go, there you are,” comes to mind.

I was not born in Ulster County, but virtually my entire life has been spent kicking around her haunts and backwaters. Growing up in the Rosendale area, I always loved New Paltz, because my dad worked at the college and in the nice weather, non-school months, the Mountain Range to the west of the town were great entertainment. The “Gunk’s” provided countless hours of adventure in hiking and climbing. The Mohawk Mountain house was always a treat for an occasional lunch or event growing up, and as I got older, playing baseball in Marbletown and Stone Ridge out by the community college provided countless hours of socializing for families as the kids competed. It was a good area to grow up in, lots to do, plenty to see, and pretty close to the “rest of the world.” Although I do remember tell my parents on occasion, that I was board, and them responding that being board was good for you, and if I was really board, they would find me something to do. Some things are timeless!

Now I am the adult, at least that’s what is told me often, and reside in an area, Saugerties, that is a mirror image of what was familiar to me in childhood. We do many of the same activities and meld in new traditions, like the arrival of Santa in Woodstock each holiday season. But I must admit that I feel the occasional tug of memories from my past, and think longingly for a time that was simpler. I wonder as I watch a local baseball or softball game, will today’s kids feel the same warmth that I do, in remembering their own youth? This is a pretty special area, so I think the odds are indeed very good.

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