Ulster County Homes Conjure Up Emotions

Posted by Tinsy Seche on Thursday, December 17th, 2009 at 1:20pm.

Real Estate is so unique.  It’s not only the largest investment most people have in their lifetime but it’s quite often a place to hang your hat as well.  As real estate agents in Ulster County, New York, we critique other people’s homes on a regular basis.  Whether we are listing a farmhouse in the Town of Marbletown, a contemporary in Woodstock, a quaint cottage in High Falls or an old stone house in Stone Ridge, it is our job to help homeowners price their home to sell in a timely manner while not sacrificing their equity to make that happen.  We also advise our purchaser clients about home values as well.  Since these homes don’t belong to us personally, it’s easy to take all the emotion out of the equation.  For instance, we walk into a room for the first time, view some of the ugliest wallpaper on the face of the earth and advise our homeowner, gently, that it is detracting from the value as it may not meet with the great majority of purchaser’s taste and that it should be removed prior to listing.  No matter to us that her husband installed it for her 30 years ago when they were newlyweds and she still loves those prancing cows. house-smiling_365

There are enough real estate television shows out there these days for most of us to understand that a home should be de-cluttered, clean and updated to sell readily at the optimum price.  Take the emotion out of the equation, right?  Well, not entirely.  Surprised that I would say such a thing?  Let’s remember first and foremost that this will be someone’s home and a house is different than a home.  A home is a place where you live, you make memories, possibly raise children, share times and moments with friends and family, you dream, you create and you go to feel safe.  It is your sanctuary.  So, buyer’s generally want to “feel” something when they walk in the door.  Does that sound like you should take all emotion out of the equation?  No.  Instead, leave the emotion in the equation only do what you can to create good emotion and remove the bad emotions.  Use calm colors, create warm and inviting spaces, fun spaces and relaxing spaces.  Removing any clutter or colors that make others feel uneasy, distressed, anxious or claustrophobic.  But don’t feel as if you need to make it into a white box because that would remove all emotions and that can be un-enticing as well.

Keep true to the personality of your home.  If you live in that contemporary home in Woodstock then it would be wise to remove those heavy draperies, however, if you live in that old stone house in Stone Ridge, the draperies may stay.  If yours is the quaint cottage in High Falls, it may not be showing its best with those contemporary colors on the walls.  Keep true to your homes personality and style and it will shine through.  Let it conjure up some emotions from the potential purchaser and let’s hope that the emotion is “love at first sight”.

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