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Ulster County Real Estate – Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is tomorrow and being a parent, I just wanted to share a few tips on Trick or Treating safety.

Ulster County Real Estate-halloween-pumpkin1. Make sure you bring a flashlight with fresh batteries so that your little trick or treater can see and be seen.
2. Stay with a group, and walk slowly & communicate where you are going.
3. Only trick or treat in well known neighborhoods at homes that have a porch light on.
4. Remain on well-lit street and always use the sidewalk when applicable
5. Never cut across yards or use alleys

6. Never enter a stranger’s home or car for a treat, or you might get tricked.
7. Obey all traffic and pedestrian regulations
8. Remove any masks or item that will limit eyesight before crossing a street, driveway
9. Don’t

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Ulster County Real Estate:
Featured Area - Saugerties

Saugerties in 2009 was named one of the 10 coolest small towns in America by Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel magazine, with the quote “Saugerties can feel so much like home for weekenders that some have made it official.”

One of those Cool places in Saugerties to live is the Subdivision of Barclay Heights. Why? It's still affordable and surrounded by couples, young and old, new families and families who lived in Barclay Heights since it was built in the 1950's. Yes, 1950's and still looking young due to the pride of ownership of its many homeowners.
I have the pleasure of just listing a 1800 plus square foot Barclay Heights Colonial home on .21 acres located on Highland Avenue. Click here to view.

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Ulster County Real Estate: Area Information And Attractions

Spring has not sprung….. Not yet anyway, but read on and you’ll find out what’s gonna pop up in Ulster County.

First off, you have the Pasta Primo Vino…. Nine wineries throughout Ulster County have come together to celebrate the spring with a tour of the wineries on the Shawangunk wine trail & pair their magnificent wines with delicious pasta recipes.

ulster-county-real-estate_400_02Take advantage of the Hudson and take part in the two day Striped Bass Tournament & barbeque. After the tournament, come dock your boat at the Rondout Waterfront  estival where there are a multitude of events that take place, such as the Rondout music & art festival,  or the Shad festival.

Don’t miss out on the 3rd annual Ulster County Wing Fling in

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Ulster County Real Estate - Old HurleyWhen I think of Old Hurley, New York, a picture of a Norman Rockwell print comes to mind. Here you are in this little Hamlet that almost appears to be frozen in time. As you walk along the Main Street you will see antique shops, old stone homes, the Hurley Heritage Society Museum and down around the bend sits the Dutch Reformed Church.

Some of the activities you might enjoy include a wonderful small town summertime parade, a Corn Festival, and a guided walking tour just to name a few.

Another great addition to the town of Hurley in recent years is the development of the Hurley Rail Trail, built on the former O&W railroad bed in Hurley. This trail which is great for biking, jogging, or an afternoon stroll, runs along Route 209 all the way to the

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Woodstock Mountain ViewsWoodstock has its share of many fine attributes.  But aside from its reputation as an Arts Colony with its many fine galleries, theatrical performances and live music venues, Woodstock is home to many people because of its natural beauty amongst some of the most beautiful settings in the Catskill Mountains.  Not only will you find some of the most quaint, eclectic and charming shops and restaurants fronting Mill Hill Road and Tinker Street as anywhere else in the Hudson Valley, but taking just a short drive into the countryside of the Town of Woodstock will endear you to this township forever.

Woodstock’s roots go back to farmers and quarrymen and there are many charming farmhouses tucked into the mountains along the winding country roads.  These roads

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Ulster County Real Estate

Just two hours North of New York City you'll enter the picturesque Ulster County, the heart of the Hudson Valley. Not only is Ulster County a great place to visit it's also a great place to call home. Or, what about a weekend home?

If you dream of owning a weekend home with panoramic mountain views or rolling meadows, creek or river front property, a century old farmhouse with vegetable and flower gardens or a country cottage secluded in the woods. You'll find this and much more in the many quaint towns surrounding the Ulster County area.

You won't be dissapointed with your search of the many weekend homes for sale in the Historic area of Stone Ridge, the "Colony of the Arts" known as the town of Woodstock, or the unique and charming area of New Paltz.

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Ulster County Real EstateIt's not just about Real Estate in Ulster County..... With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, what do you have planned for your sweetheart?  Well being that I have been married now for almost seven years, have a beautiful four year old, and work as a full time real estate agent, I have very little time to spend with my sweetheart.  So for Valentine’s Day this year i was thinking of a couple of different options.

 First, I was considering staying overnight at a B&B in Woodstock. Laid back and relaxed, go grab an awesome meal walk through the shops, and then spend a romantic evening with my sweetheart.

 ulster-county-real-estate-mohonk-mountain-houseThen I was considering going towards the New Paltz / Gardner area and going with the spa theme.  Mohonk Mountain House has the spa……..restaurant……& the

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It's 2010 - Let's Get organized & Sell That House!Ulster County Real Estate

As a full time, consistent top producing real estate agent specializing in Woodstock, Hurley, Kingston, Stone Ridge, Saugerties, or anywhere in Ulster County, there's one thing I can say that you should keep in mind.... A clean, organized, fresh smelling home means dollar signs in the New Year.

In our current market, buyers have so much to choose from that your house must stand out. Most buyers will give a home the thumbs up, or down within the first few minutes , sometimes even seconds during a showing. Do they see clutter before they even hit the front door? Do they smell a dog or a couple of cats? Is the litter box in view? Is it clean?

When a seller says the home is in "as is" condition, that's

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How do you take a 1970’s ranch style home and improve it without breaking the bank? I have several tips that I have used on my own home and will be sharing those with you over the up and coming months. Even if you’re not interested in selling your home right now, I still hope that you enjoy reading about some of the creative low cost updates that I have done myself.

To give you a bit of background, I purchased my home in 2006 after it had been on the market for over a year. The house basically sat because it was so outdated on both the interior and exterior that most people wouldn’t even make it past the front door.

I was told by most of my friends and co-workers to pass on it all together. I loved the location, that was not a problem. It was on a quiet

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In a previous blog entitled “Ulster County Real Estate is Brimming with Old Stone Houses and Historic Landmarks” I make mention of several of Ulster Counties many Historic Landmarks from New Paltz and High Falls in the southern part of the county to Woodstock and Phoenicia in the northwestern sector.  Most of us can list a number of historic landmarks we view during our daily routines. 


As one of the many Uptown Kingston business men and women who walk past the corner of Wall and Main Streets, I pass the Old Dutch Church on a regular basis with a walk to the bank or post office.  Yet, I always enjoy passing that corner and viewing those reliable red tulips and flowering dogwood trees in the spring or the snow covered graveyard in winter months with the

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