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Ulster County Real Estate Home Staging Tips

Don’t Confuse The Buyer 

Ulster County Real Estate Home StagingA much needed yet often overlooked aspect of readying your home for market is the necessity to clearly identify the purpose of each room in the house. 

When we live in the home many times it works better for everyday living yet can be very confusing for a prospective buyer if the original intention of the room is altered.

Empty nesters or childless couples won’t relate well to toys scattered where a dining table should be located.  Nor will an elderly couple see the need for a room full of weight lifting equipment instead of a spare room for their adult children to be able to spend the upcoming holidays.

Ulster County Real Estate Home StagingEat in kitchens should allow for just that.  I have seen homes that either do not have…
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Ulster County Real Estate - Home Staging Tips: Curb Appeal

Ulster County Real EstateBefore a prospective buyer even enters the front door to your house, they view the outside.  As they pull up, your home comes into view and this first impression may be all it takes for them to continue inside or just ask the realtor to keep driving to the next listing. Talk about disappointing.  You, the seller have just spent time tidying up and staging the inside of your home. However, no one mentioned the need to dress up the outside. 

Before you list your home, take a walk directly across the street from your house.  This view is one that we, the owner, fail to see as we go about life. We get in our cars and drive to and fro and rarely look at how our homes look to passersby.  We become

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Ulster County Real Estate - Showing Your Home During The Holidays

Ulster County Real EstateWith the holidays coming up and your home on the market, will you be ready to show and with last minutes notice?  Will you be able to keep your home clean?
Even though the hustle and bustle of the holidays are approaching now is not the time to neglect your home. Buyers aren't going to stop looking at homes this time of year. Make sure your home is ready to show. Some helpful tips.
1. Don't over do it with the holiday decorations. Remember that buyers are interested in seeing the square footage of your home. 
2. On the outside of your home a nice wreath on the door will welcome buyers and keep Christmas lighting to a minimal in the front of your home.  
3. Christmas decorations indoors

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Ulster County Real Estate - Home Staging Tips

Empty Out Those Closets

Oh, those dreaded closets!  They are the deep, dark recesses into the corners of our homes.  The spaces that have been storing the same stuff since you first moved into your house, maybe ten or more years ago.  Well, when you are getting ready to sell, the closets have to be cleared. This same method of editing should be applied to all of your storage spaces.

Even the largest walk-in closet can look small when crowded with all the clothes and shoes we own.  In many cases, the clothes are in varying sizes for when we either gain a little weight or for when we finally get back into the shape we were as a young girl or guy.  But, we all know in our hearts those small sizes will never

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Ulster County Real Estate - Tips For Sellers

Crazy as it might seem I have this thing about mailboxes. At my previous home I had a mailbox hanging to the right of my front door. The mail carrier walked up on my porch and delivered my mail. My mailbox then was a beautiful large Longaberger Basket mailbox with an attached wooden lid and hand signed on the bottom and dated by the individual basket weaver. This was of course in the days when I sold these baskets and basically was supporting my own collecting habit. I think this is when my fixation on the mailbox started.

Is a mailbox just for practical purposes? It never has been for me and I know that there are many more of you out there of like mind.

Now onto my current mailbox. This mailbox

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Ulster County Real Estate - Staging Tips

Pets As Potential Distractions

Pets are such a part of our lives.  They are often treated better than family members.  In many cases, they are  the siblings or children we never had.  Unfortunately, they can be an issue when it comes to selling a home.  How so you ask?

As much as we love our furry or feathered friends, many people are frightened by our pets. Not everyone wants to be greeted by a large, slobbering dog who thinks every visitor is there to see them and is just so excited to have company. Our beloved cats lying across the bed pillows or peering down from atop the kitchen cabinets can be found by some as unsanitary or disturbing.  Cleo the cat doesn't see the problem, since Mom and Dad never question

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Ulster County Real Estate - Tips for Sellers

There are a number of things that as a seller, you may want to consider before you contact a REALTOR to list & market your home. First and foremost, understand that the buyer’s and their lenders in most cases will be conducting inspections. You as a seller should therefore either have a pre-sales inspection conducted to understand what issues need fixing and addressing, or be very honest with yourself about the condition of the home. Upon the conclusion of this inspection, if you go that route, you will have a good idea surrounding what issues will be brought up in the negotiation of the home. The buyer’s inspector will report what is “wrong” with the property and you must then either address the issues by

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Ulster County Real Estate - What "For Sale Buy Owners" Should Know

1. National studies have shown that the median sales price for homes sold by a REALTOR is 16 percent higher than for homes sold directly by the owners ($230,000 vs. $198,000).
2. You understand how to complete the many contracts, forms and disclosure statements required in a real estate transaction such as: lead paint disclosure statement, property condition disclosure statement, purchase contract, legal description of the property, contingency clause addendum.
3. You have the market knowledge to price the home competitively. FSBOs may know what one or two homes near them have sold for, but they don’t have the access to the wide number of comps you do or the market knowledge to adjust

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Ulster County Real Estate - Showcase Your Kitchen

My favorite place in the home is the kitchen and as a real estate agent in Ulster County I get to see many. There are cheap and easy things to do to showcase your kitchen without spending a lot of money. Here are some simple tips:
1) Clean out and organize the kitchen drawers, cabinets and pantry. Buyers like peeking to make sure there's enough space.
2) Clear off the counters and store away the counter appliances. If your counter tops have seen better days, replace it with a new laminate counter top.
3) Put a fresh coat of neutral paint on the walls to give the kitchen a brighter and cleaner look.
4) If your cabinets are outdated, try sanding then staining or painting them. It will make them look newer

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Ulster County Real Estate: Tips For Sellers

 Ulster County Real Estate Clean Those Gutters

It is that time of year when curb appeal takes on a whole new meaning.  If your home is on the market please take the time to walk around the exterior and look up at those gutters.  I can't tell you how many times  a buyer has focused on the gutters on a home and dreamed up every other thing that could be wrong with the home because the gutters have not been cleaned. I know it sounds crazy, but buyers think if you are not tending to your gutters,  you  also have not done yearly maintenance on other parts of your home. This market is tough. Don't give buyers a reason to find fault.  Clean the gutters and if need be replace the gutters. It will also help in controlling the water runoff on

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