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Ulster County Real Estate

Just two hours North of New York City you'll enter the picturesque Ulster County, the heart of the Hudson Valley. Not only is Ulster County a great place to visit it's also a great place to call home. Or, what about a weekend home?

If you dream of owning a weekend home with panoramic mountain views or rolling meadows, creek or river front property, a century old farmhouse with vegetable and flower gardens or a country cottage secluded in the woods. You'll find this and much more in the many quaint towns surrounding the Ulster County area.

You won't be dissapointed with your search of the many weekend homes for sale in the Historic area of Stone Ridge, the "Colony of the Arts" known as the town of Woodstock, or the unique and charming area of New Paltz.

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It's 2010 - Let's Get organized & Sell That House!Ulster County Real Estate

As a full time, consistent top producing real estate agent specializing in Woodstock, Hurley, Kingston, Stone Ridge, Saugerties, or anywhere in Ulster County, there's one thing I can say that you should keep in mind.... A clean, organized, fresh smelling home means dollar signs in the New Year.

In our current market, buyers have so much to choose from that your house must stand out. Most buyers will give a home the thumbs up, or down within the first few minutes , sometimes even seconds during a showing. Do they see clutter before they even hit the front door? Do they smell a dog or a couple of cats? Is the litter box in view? Is it clean?

When a seller says the home is in "as is" condition, that's

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How do you take a 1970’s ranch style home and improve it without breaking the bank? I have several tips that I have used on my own home and will be sharing those with you over the up and coming months. Even if you’re not interested in selling your home right now, I still hope that you enjoy reading about some of the creative low cost updates that I have done myself.

To give you a bit of background, I purchased my home in 2006 after it had been on the market for over a year. The house basically sat because it was so outdated on both the interior and exterior that most people wouldn’t even make it past the front door.

I was told by most of my friends and co-workers to pass on it all together. I loved the location, that was not a problem. It was on a quiet

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In a previous blog entitled “Ulster County Real Estate is Brimming with Old Stone Houses and Historic Landmarks” I make mention of several of Ulster Counties many Historic Landmarks from New Paltz and High Falls in the southern part of the county to Woodstock and Phoenicia in the northwestern sector.  Most of us can list a number of historic landmarks we view during our daily routines. 


As one of the many Uptown Kingston business men and women who walk past the corner of Wall and Main Streets, I pass the Old Dutch Church on a regular basis with a walk to the bank or post office.  Yet, I always enjoy passing that corner and viewing those reliable red tulips and flowering dogwood trees in the spring or the snow covered graveyard in winter months with the

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As the New Year pushes onward, the young pup of a year has historically seen my resolutions fall off the wayside pretty quickly. I mean, why drag something out that is going to happen anyway, right! We all participate in the struggle to keep the promise. Every year I say, “This is the year that I get back into shape!” Well I tricked myself and surprised others by starting a workout routine four months ago. I have returned to my childhood, (some would say I never left), and started a boxing workout routine with a trainer. It is a great way to get into shape, a wonderful workout, and hey, you’re not getting your head beat in! 

If you were unaware, this area of the Hudson Valley, Ulster County in particular, has a rich history of supporting some of the

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So now that the holidays are over and the New Year is approaching rapidly…..you look at your spouse and say now what?  What can we do now?  If you are from Ulster County, or anywhere in Upstate New York, then you know that the next few months are usually the rough ones.  It’s cold….It’s freezing….It’s snowing…..You can’t go out side and play soccer, or swim in the pool, or even give your car a good wash.  The days are shorter, and the nights are longer.  So why not try out some different places to eat and shop locally.  Born and raised here in Ulster County, I have had the pleasure to enjoy some of what I think are the best places to eat, shop, and just get lost for the day or as my family calls it “muffin huntin”.   

sweetsue_400Well if you like pancakes, I have

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Ulster County - CatskillsDuring my last ride through Ulster County as I was showing homes, I really had to stop and think about how fortunate I am to call Ulster County my home.

Whether I am taking a day trip to visit the shops near the Village Green in Woodstock, skiing at some of the local resorts like Hunter, Bellayre or Windham, or just taking in some of the beautiful views from areas like New Paltz or Stone Ridge, you have to take a moment and think about the feeling of residing in an area where country living is at its best, yet just a quick 2 hours to the streets of NYC. The perfect distance without being too far away!

I wish everyone in all of the areas of Ulster County, including High Falls, Woodstock, Mount Tremper, Olive, Stone Ridge, New Paltz, Esopus, Kingston,

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So….. All of the shopping is done. Everyone will have something special, Santa does his best work under pressure…… and the Visa card is still hot!!
Now, it’s time to think about your Holiday Dinner. Making it festive is easier than you might think….

Lighting is key. If you have a dining room chandelier, you might go to the local dollar store to pick up some “strings of crystals” to loop through the chandelier.

Or, make a lovely centerpiece – easily done with a platter of Granny Smith apples piled 2 high in the center, some poinsettias from a craft shop and a red & green candle votives around the platter. Remember not to make your centerpiece too high, people need to see across the table for engaging conversation!

Ulster County Real EstateThink about your guests and try to

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Real Estate is so unique.  It’s not only the largest investment most people have in their lifetime but it’s quite often a place to hang your hat as well.  As real estate agents in Ulster County, New York, we critique other people’s homes on a regular basis.  Whether we are listing a farmhouse in the Town of Marbletown, a contemporary in Woodstock, a quaint cottage in High Falls or an old stone house in Stone Ridge, it is our job to help homeowners price their home to sell in a timely manner while not sacrificing their equity to make that happen.  We also advise our purchaser clients about home values as well.  Since these homes don’t belong to us personally, it’s easy to take all the emotion out of the equation.  For instance, we walk into a room for the

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Often times it is easy, very easy to loose sight of the benefit of living in a particular area. Yes, we all get caught up in the local hoopla of politics, unflattering news, budget difficulties, economic activity, or lack there of, and yet the old phrase, “no matter where you go, there you are,” comes to mind.

I was not born in Ulster County, but virtually my entire life has been spent kicking around her haunts and backwaters. Growing up in the Rosendale area, I always loved New Paltz, because my dad worked at the college and in the nice weather, non-school months, the Mountain Range to the west of the town were great entertainment. The “Gunk’s” provided countless hours of adventure in hiking and climbing. The Mohawk Mountain house was always a treat

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