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Ulster County Real Estate: Home Staging Tips

Give Those Rooms Definition

Ulster County Real Estate Home StagingA mistake so often made by sellers is to move out and leave their former home vacant.  The homeowner thinks by doing this a buyer will be able to get a better feel for the space. In some cases, a buyer does have good spatial abilities and can visualize whether their five piece sectional, two armchairs and large, oak coffee table will truly fit in the vacant living room space. 

From experience, I can tell you this is more often not the case.  Many buyers will eliminate a property that they feel is too small even if the square footage says otherwise.  Without the requisite furniture pieces, the room’s layout isn’t apparent.

This happened in a particular home I staged several years ago. …
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Ulster County Real Estate - Home Staging Tips: Curb Appeal

Ulster County Real EstateBefore a prospective buyer even enters the front door to your house, they view the outside.  As they pull up, your home comes into view and this first impression may be all it takes for them to continue inside or just ask the realtor to keep driving to the next listing. Talk about disappointing.  You, the seller have just spent time tidying up and staging the inside of your home. However, no one mentioned the need to dress up the outside. 

Before you list your home, take a walk directly across the street from your house.  This view is one that we, the owner, fail to see as we go about life. We get in our cars and drive to and fro and rarely look at how our homes look to passersby.  We become

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Ulster County Real Estate - West Saugerties NY

West Saugerties, New York: An Area For Peace, Tranquility and Relaxation

Ulster County Real Estate
I just emailed a potential buyer information on a custom built log home that an associate and I have listed. It's located on Blue Mountain Church Road in West Saugerties, New York (click to view the Ulster County MLS listing). To me West Saugerties is one the most beautiful areas in Ulster County, just minutes away from Woodstock, the Village of Saugerties, the New York State Thruway, Hunter Mountain Skiing and a two hour drive from New York City.

You can see some of the most breathtaking views of Overlook, Catskill and the Berkshire Mountains. You can enjoy the many swimming and fishing holes along the Plattekill Creek and relax to the…
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Ulster County Real Estate - Showing Your Home During The Holidays

Ulster County Real EstateWith the holidays coming up and your home on the market, will you be ready to show and with last minutes notice?  Will you be able to keep your home clean?
Even though the hustle and bustle of the holidays are approaching now is not the time to neglect your home. Buyers aren't going to stop looking at homes this time of year. Make sure your home is ready to show. Some helpful tips.
1. Don't over do it with the holiday decorations. Remember that buyers are interested in seeing the square footage of your home. 
2. On the outside of your home a nice wreath on the door will welcome buyers and keep Christmas lighting to a minimal in the front of your home.  
3. Christmas decorations indoors

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Ulster County Real Estate - What "For Sale Buy Owners" Should Know

1. National studies have shown that the median sales price for homes sold by a REALTOR is 16 percent higher than for homes sold directly by the owners ($230,000 vs. $198,000).
2. You understand how to complete the many contracts, forms and disclosure statements required in a real estate transaction such as: lead paint disclosure statement, property condition disclosure statement, purchase contract, legal description of the property, contingency clause addendum.
3. You have the market knowledge to price the home competitively. FSBOs may know what one or two homes near them have sold for, but they don’t have the access to the wide number of comps you do or the market knowledge to adjust

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 Ulster County Real Estate – Fall Is Here

Ulster County Real EstateFall in Ulster County & around the Hudson Valley - Here we are again -The cool crisp air, football games, and the anticipation of our first deep freeze! Is there anywhere more beautiful than looking out on the Hudson River during a fall afternoon?

I did just that last Sunday, I had the most amazing open house, for hours I watched a beautiful sailboat race, tugs up and down the Hudson and the Barges, amazing to watch!

With the change of the season, we also experience a change in our local real estate market.

If you are planning on selling your home before the end of the year.....you need to learn a couple of tricks to make your sale a real treat!

Just as everyone loves the fall, the change of seasons, so does

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Ulster County Real Estate - The Shawangunk's

Ulster County Real EstateIf you want to have more fun than should be allowed by law, all within a 90 minute ride of New York City, spend a weekend exploring the Gunks. What are the Gunks you ask? They are a world class climbing destination perched in, on, and around the Shawangunk Ridge. Home to some of the best rock climbing in North America. The Sky Top, a prominent stone face with more than 300 different routes to the top, has cliffs up to 350 feet. Check out one or two of The Gunks' ice caves, where the deep rock fissures stay icy cool throughout the summer months.

For the active trail runner, there is the 12 mile+ Wallkill Valley Rail Trail located near the Village of New Paltz. The trail, which was once an active rail road

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Ulster County Real Estate: 22nd Anniversary Of The Garlic Festival

This year was the 22nd anniversary of the Garlic Festival held on the 25th and 26th of September in Sauerties, New York, one of the "10 Top Coolest Small Towns in America". Sponsored by the Saugerties Kiwanis Club, some 20,000 to 30,000, so I was told, attended this fantastic  2 day garlic event, including myself.  
There were food vendors selling delicious and unique foods, craft vendors selling clothing, jewelry and souvenirs and garlic specialists to teach people about the importance of garlic. Also, some great musical acts such as Uncle Rock, the Mojo Myles Band, Jules and Rick and Mark Rust.  The troupes stage shows of  Arm-of-the-Sea Theater were there to entertain the young and

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Ulster County Real Estate: Hudson Valley Garlic Festival

Ulster County Real Estate

The Hudson Valley Garlic Festival™ is in its 22nd year, and is a fun-filled celebration of the garlic harvest, presented by the Kiwanis Club of Saugerties. All proceeds go to worthwhile community causes.

The festival is always held the last full weekend of September, so in 2010, it's September 25th and 26th.

The location is Cantine Field in Saugerties (Mile Marker 101, NY State Thruway).

Activities: A Schedule of Music, Entertainment and Fun!

Your day will include:

  • A visit to the Garlic Marketplace, with tons of gourmet garlic
  • The Food Alley, featuring garlic-enhanced foods.  There’s sausage, pulled pork, garlic soup, garlic green beans, and even garlic ice cream!  Something for
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Ulster County Real Estate: Is It A Good Time To Buy

Ulster County Real EstateIs it a good time to buy Real Estate? YES, YES, YES!!!

The buyer in todays market needs to know that while we all hear things about the decline in todays economey, that market conditions could not be better for buying a home.

A low interest rate coupled with strong negotiation means substantial savings for the consumer. The main objective for a buyer today, needs to be finding a buyers agent who understands the local market conditions, and fully understands the needs of the buyer.

It is important to be prequalified with a local lending institution, your offer needs to have "teeth"  - that means that you are ready, willing and able to buy. It is also important that once you find a home, your buyers

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