Saugerties Mum Festival!!

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mums_400The Mum Festival is one of the trademark events of the Hudson Valley. The Mum Festival takes place, this year, on Sunday October 2nd. Just one week after the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival. You can enjoy the beauty of the sometimes underrated flower. There are many activities for those with a green thumb and those without a green thumb too! The Mum Festival weekend begins with the Mum Bowl beforehand. The Mum Bowl is a game played by the Saugerties High School Football game. At the football game there is the corition of the Mum Queen. It is very similar to a homecoming game, and the crowning of the homecoming princess. For anyone who remembers high school, we all know it is a big deal! This Mum Festival takes quite a bit of time to plan; the committee meets monthly from June right up until the festival date!

            Now, the Mum Festival isn’t all just flowers and gardening. There are plenty of things for everyone to do there! After the coronation of the Mum Queen, the following day the Festival begins at twelve noon, and run until five in the evening. The events include the Mum queen and all of her court presents the Saugerties Society of Little Gardens with flowers, as a thank you and courtesy. Then there is plenty of live music for you and the whole family to enjoy dance and be merry too! There are always plenty of arts and crafts booths for you to enjoy. You can purchase a gift for a special someone, or yourself. Sometimes the individual booths will have demonstration about what they are making and selling. Another fun activity that will be taking place is the martial arts demonstrations! You can come and see proper martial arts forms be demonstrated, and pick up a move or two, to use at home or just to show off! You can then bring the kids over to the face panting station. Of course you are always allowed to get some face panting done; it is fun for every age! And, like every festival in the Hudson Valley there be wallet friendly and crowd pleasing treat and refreshments for everyone to enjoy.

            The Festival is held in Seamon Park. You can come enjoy the festival and look all around the park. Enjoy the views, visit the bandstand, water fountains and more! Of course enjoy the thousands upon thousands of gorgeous and colorful mums in their prime bloom, throughout the park! They will be available to view the rest of the fall as well! This year’s festival wills the 4th one! And it will also fall on the 102nd anniversary of Seamon Park! John Seamon donated the amazing park tot eh Village back in 1809. This year’s festival will be paying a tribute to the anniversary by celebrating with old time music! There will be additional shows as well. The added exhibits will include wildlife shows, campfire girl’s exhibits and many other activities that will pay tribute to the parks 102 year history! And good news, not only will the festival be amazing, the admission priced is very affordable, it is free! So get out your sweaters pack up the car and come and enjoy all the gorgeous flowers in bloom, and all that Saugerties has to offer! If you find you love the area and want to make a part time vacation home, or a full time home here, feel free to drop by Murphy Realty Group! We are on 304 Wall Street in Uptown Kingston, we can help you with any real estate need you might have!


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