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Rent With OptionIt is not uncommon when you are searching through homes for sale to find listings that offer “Rent to Own” options. This trend, while not new in the Ulster County real estate market, is becoming more popular. It is important, however, that anyone that would like to purchase a home in this manner understand the process. It is not a situation where you rent for a couple of months to see if you want to stay and then buy the home. The buyer or renter, puts down money to purchase the option to buy the property later. The buyer and seller may agree to a purchase price when putting the money down or evaluate the market value at that time. Even if the buyer does not buy the property, the option to purchase payment is typically not refundable. This is a purchase…
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Foreclosures April 2012

Foreclosures filings fell 5 percent between March and April of this year, and by 11 percent as compared to one year ago. The data comes from RealtyTrac. The foreclosure-tracking firm tallied fewer than 189,000 foreclosure-related actions last month -- the fewest number since July 2007.

Rapidly-declining foreclosure figures are another signal that the U.S. housing market may already be in recovery.

According to RealtyTrac's methodology, a "foreclosure filing" is any one of the following foreclosure-related events : (1) A default notice on a home; (2) A scheduled auction for a home; or, (3) A bank repossession of a home.

All three showed improvement in April :

  • Default Notices were down 4% from March 2012
  • Scheduled Auctions were down 4% from
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Credit ScoreIf you are interested in purchasing a home, one of your biggest concerns is probably related to cost. After all, purchasing a home involves making a significant investment and taking on a responsibility that will last for years. Whether interested in Chevy Chase real estate or a home in Ulster County, you want to be sure to get the best price possible while also keeping your interest rate down. In order to increase your chances of getting a low rate and enjoying other favorable terms, it is in your best interest to take steps now to start improving your credit. Since your credit rating will have a significant impact on the terms that you receive, here are five things you can start doing today to improve your credit rating.

Tip #1: Pay Bills on Time

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New Paltz is a fantastic and historical area. It was originally founded in 1677 by the French Huguenots. Huguenot Street, near the Wallkill rive have been named National Historic Landmarks. There are tours for all these houses, and it is really wonderful to just stroll about! New Paltz is located just next to Mohonk Mountain, with the lighthouse visible from town. The town is lively and always bustling thanks to the local university! It offers small town mountain living with the amentias of the city! So enjoy the area, it is only a 90 minute drive from midtown!

This gorgeous horse farm sits on seventy three acres, with absolutely pristine view of the Shawanagunk Mountain Ridge, and the Mohonk tower. New Paltz is conveniently located right off the

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In our last installment we examined the Median Sale Price for residentially listed properties in certain areas of Ulster County, namely the City of Kingston, the Town of Saugerties and the Town of Woodstock.  We learned that not all Ulster County Real Estate reacted the same way last year.  Sale prices went up in the Town of Saugerties, went down in the Town of Woodstock and remained virtually unchanged in the City of Kingston.  All three areas saw a decrease in the number of units sold.  In this installment we’ll look at the Town of Lloyd, the Town of Marbletown and the Town of New Paltz.

The Town of Lloyd had a Median Sale Price of $211,000 last year compared to $214,125 in 2009, a decrease of less than 2%.  In the Town of Marbletown the Median Sale

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Ulster County Real Estate:
Buying A Second Home / Condo In Ulster County

Ulster County Real EstateOne of the hot topics of 2010 that people are still asking is if buyers from out of the area are still purchasing weekend and second homes in Ulster County. The answer is, yes they are still buying second homes. Popular Ulster County Areas are throughout whether you are looking for a secluded cottage in the woods or a townhouse or condo with river views.
Many second home buyers from the Metro New York and New Jersey area have proudly called Ulster County their second home. 80 miles from NYC you can start your search for a weekend home in New Paltz. New Paltz is refreshingly unique, full of history and charm. Surrounded by many farms, orchards, and wineries. You'll enjoy the

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Happy 2011 everyone!  Real Estate seems to be a constant topic of conversation when it comes to gatherings of all sorts.  Around the holidays it seems we get out more often and I hear people asking “What’s the market doing?”, “Are you Selling anything?”.  Maybe it’s because I spend a lot of time around people in the Real Estate business (my cross to bear) but all of my clients, past and present, are always interested. 

Ulster County Real Estate is a real puzzle.  Some areas/Townships show what could be deemed a comeback in 2010 when compared to prices in 2009 while other areas/Townships stumbled, let me show you what I mean.  The following statistics were compiled from Sold Residential Listings in the MLS of Ulster County, Inc..

The median sale price

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As principal broker and owner of the Murphy Realty Group, the past year has proven to be busy, challenging and exciting but I’m most proud to announce that our firm has become “The fastest growing real estate agency in Ulster County”. 

In fact, Murphy Realty Group has doubled its sales volume in 2010 over the prior year.  With the real estate market challenging every home seller and broker in our area, I am proud to say that we have incorporated a variety of aggressive marketing approaches to overcome the industry challenges and I feel we have been very successful in our endeavors.  The internet has become so widely used by potential purchasers that in order to market our clients listings to their full potential, it

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Ulster County Real Estate: Is It A Good Time To Buy

Ulster County Real EstateIs it a good time to buy Real Estate? YES, YES, YES!!!

The buyer in todays market needs to know that while we all hear things about the decline in todays economey, that market conditions could not be better for buying a home.

A low interest rate coupled with strong negotiation means substantial savings for the consumer. The main objective for a buyer today, needs to be finding a buyers agent who understands the local market conditions, and fully understands the needs of the buyer.

It is important to be prequalified with a local lending institution, your offer needs to have "teeth"  - that means that you are ready, willing and able to buy. It is also important that once you find a home, your buyers

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Ulster County Real Estate: Housing market Good or Bad?

Ulster County Real EstateIn our current economic times, one hears that now is the time to buy a home. With historically low interest rates, and many new & different programs to take advantage of, this could very well be the best time to buy.

But, what about the first time home buyers who are not so sure about where they will be in 5 years? They want to buy, but are afraid to make a bad decision? The answer is a 2 family home... yes, a two family home. The market has so much to choose from, in terms of 2 or multi-family homes. The reason is this, getting a mortgage on a non-owner occupied home is very difficult with mortgage companies tightening their belts on income properties. But, the whole story changes if you are an

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