Kicking Off My Ulster County Living Blog

Posted by Murphy Realty Group on Friday, November 28th, 2008 at 10:47am.

It is times like these when I truly understand writers block.  This is the first installment of my onsite web blog and I am feeling the pressure to write something intriguing and compelling and as a result, I cannot choose a topic.  For me it is kind of odd because usually the words (for better or worse) just flow out of my finger tips.  I have written literally hundreds of blogs on a multitude of platforms for thousands of users but this time it is different, it is my site, my blog and worst of all, this is my very first entry.  It is almost like I am back in high school English sitting at a desk with a sharpened number 2 pencil staring aimlessly at a blank sheet of loose leaf notebook paper.  Well . . . maybe it isn't quite that bad.

Why have a Blog?

The biggest reason for having a blog is for the relationship building that comes as a result.  The long-term relationships built between you and your readership not only creates a platform by which you can help one another, it also begins to build a trust that is instrumental to any marketing plan.  Over time, as the trust builds, you will see readers naturally gravitate towards your goods or services.


Search Engine Optimization

Search engines love websites that have regularly updated content and a blog provides just that.  The fact that you simply HAVE a blog does not mean that you will automatically get higher rankings.  For best SEO results, posts need to be well written and presented in a manner that is conducive to SEO and properly integrated with your larger SEO strategy.

Having a Relaxed (Blog) Voice

With technical concerns aside, a blog can provide you and your company with a "voice".  The voice will typically be friendlier and less formal than content found on the rest of your website.  This gives you the opportunity to engage more closely with your readership on a more personal level.  This is accomplished by creating a two way conversation and focusing on a specific topic that is of direct interest to your reader.

Two Way Conversations

The relaxed tone of a blog is only a small part of its value to you and your company. Blogs provide an interactive forum for two way feedback via comments on your posts.  Comments can provide valuable feedback on company products, service levels and strategies. 

Reputation Management

Lastly, blogs can help you manage your online reputations, too, providing a place where you can answer criticism frankly and honestly on a web property YOU CONTROL.

2 Responses to "Kicking Off My Ulster County Living Blog"

laurel wrote: Hey Lou,
I know what you mean about the tone of the blog. I feel awkward writing to "no-one", knowing that someone is going to read the blog. Good stuff. Laurel

Posted on Monday, December 15th, 2008 at 8:02pm.

Lou Lynch wrote: @Mike - Thanks for leaving a comment, sorry I was slow to approve it, I didn't see it come in. The Real Estate Tomato has a great list of 101 Blog Ideas

@ Laurel - It is easier when you know your audience (which was usually the case before this blog). The more people comment, the more you feel as though you know them. It was good seeing you today, the soup was delicious.

Posted on Monday, December 15th, 2008 at 8:25pm.

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