It's Not All About Ulster County Real Estate - It's The Holidays

Posted by Kyla Thomas on Friday, November 27th, 2009 at 2:22pm.

It is far too easy for all of us to get consumed with the trials and tribulations of Ulster County Real Estate. Unfortunately, we sometimes loose sight of the important things in life, like family. Thursday was Thanksgiving, and not unlike many of you, our home is a central location for family to celebrate the season. Kids, adults, dogs, food, no sleep, a thousand activities, etc, etc…is the gift that we all seem to patiently wade through during family gatherings.


If you are any thing like me, you do some planning to send the relatives off in different directions for shopping, events, to see old friends, or just to take a ride to see the old neighborhood. Since I live in Saugerties, the Woodstock and Kingston areas are popular locations for a shopping expedition. Having been raised in the Rosendale area, Stone Ridge and High Falls offer nice memories for those that moved on to other locations, or to see old friends.


Ultimately, the joys of family outweigh the lack of seating, confused sleeping arrangements, (sleeping bags anyone), or the fight for the television controller. Yet as quickly as it started, and for as slow as it at times seems to drag on, the holiday visits come to an end, until next time. Next time…isn’t that a rather a nicely positive phrase, anyone for a slightly used house in Saugerties?     

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