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Posted by Kyla Thomas on Friday, November 6th, 2009 at 11:32am.

8000-tax-credit11-1_245So the Congress has passed the “new and improved” Home Buyers Tax Credit. Good for the Real Estate industry, very good for the home buyer, maybe not so good for the taxpayer. You hear the arguments for and against the program which will spend upwards of $45 billion, but the reality is that the industry is hurting badly and this will provide some relief nationally. Additionally, the potential for increased spending by new home owners on their new purchases should help the trade’s people and ancillary housing suppliers such as furniture sales.


This program is not a perfect solution, but then again, “Is there a government program that is?” The Home Buyers Tax Credit is much more closely aligned to helping Main Street, than all the “bail out” money spent on Wall Street. Yet I am of the opinion that we are, or perhaps already have, reached a point where enough spending is enough. Although this program is self serving, (I sell Ulster County Real Estate), but the reality is that as a policy, the tax payer can not continue to support all of this spending. When the tax payer is constantly confronted with tax increases and program changes that require additional monies to support local and national political agendas, under the guise of the betterment theory, eventually we all loose out as our economy contracts. Who among us can afford to continue on this path?


Well, we have a reprieve and should now make it through the winter months with an additional arrow in our sales quiver. What do you plan on doing once this program is expired?  

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Laguna Realtors wrote: It's really good news for first-time home buyers. Extended Home Buyer Tax Credit can help prospective home buyers become part of the American dream.

Posted on Monday, November 9th, 2009 at 6:50am.

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