HITS in Saugerties! More than Just Horses!

Posted by Murphy Realty Group on Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011 at 1:07pm.

If you are looking for something to do this summer, to get away from the city, or just stay in your own backyard, HITS-on-the-Hudson, in Saugerties New York, is the place to go! This is one of the premier events in the Hudson Valley.

. If you are unfamiliar with HITS, it is an events management company that runs equestrian hunter/jumper events. The equestrians, who are invited to any circuit of HITS, are some of the most talent riders you will ever see! In fact, last year a one million dollar grand prix event was introduced, as well as a five hundred thousand event! If you are at all into horses, this is someplace you need to be. Some of the horses are worth up to one million dollars. All the horses there are beautiful and convey the meaning of the word “perfection”. They are some of Mother Nature’s finest creations. Also the event offers 250 lessons during each week of the event!

Now, not everyone is into horses. This is understandable. But, if your loved one, or close friend is and they want to go, you will not be bored. HITS-on-the-Hudson does not just offer enjoyment for people of the horse persuasion! It is an incredible social and networking opportunity for anyone growing there business, or looking to break into the big leagues. There are over 3,000 horsemen in attendance, each week! And as much as it is an event for equestrians, if you like fancy cars, HITS offers that entertainment too! During my visit in the middle of the day on a Wednesday, I saw two Porsche Cayenne Turbo S’, a Mazeratti Quatro Pro and a Mercedes CLS 550. Now, like I said if you are into cars, this might be a place to bring you wife or girlfriend, let her check out the horses, and you can peruse the parking lot and look at the cars.

After you are done looking around, enjoying the phenomenal scenery of the Saugerties countryside, the horses and the cars. I am sure you will have worked up quite the appetite! Not being from the area, I can tell you from personal experience the food in the area is delicious! Just within a mile or two of the HITS grounds, is the village of Saugerties, are several wonderful restaurants and bars. The food ranges from feeling and inexpensive bar food, to upscale Italian and Latin cuisine. I can assure you every restaurant in town offers a wonderful selection to will fill your stomach and warm your soul.

If any of these things interest you, and you are looking to make a trip up during the weekend, Murphy Realty Group, HITS exclusive broker, will be able to offer you several options for short term rentals. The properties we offer are all gorgeous. They range from large country estates with plenty of yard space or a pool, to private cozy cottages, with private lakes that you can swim and fish in! And don’t worry if you have any pets. Almost all of our rentals allow you to bring your furry friend with you!


For More Specific Information on HITS-on-the-Hudson, visit : http://www.hitsshows.com/ 


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