Have we finally found the bottom of the Ulster County Real Estate Market?

Posted by Murphy Realty Group on Tuesday, April 28th, 2009 at 6:05pm.

The New York Association of REALTORS reported that home sales have made a significant increase from February to March both locally and statewide.  The increase for New York State is as high as 14 percent and projections look even better.  Adding heavily to the state average is Ulster County with a whopping 67% increase from the previous month.

Counties showing an INCREASE from February to March:

  • Columbia County: 12%
  • Orange County: 27%
  • Rockland County: 5%
  • Westchester County: 19%

Counties showing a DECREASE from February to March:

  • Greene County: 12%
  • Putnam County: 16%
  • Sullivan County: 23%
Dutchess County remained unchanged.

Home prices continue to fall in Columbia, Dutchess, Orange and Putnam while slightly increasing in Rockland, Westchester, Greene and Ulster.  The most significant jump in sale price was reported by Sullivan County showing 51% increase.  Ulster’s sale price increase was 6%.

What do these numbers mean for Ulster County?

With Ulster County’s increase in sales being 67% and the increase in sale price only being 6%, the inventory will begin to decline, decreasing supply and increasing demand which will slowly push home prices up.  Better projections can be made about just how fast this turn in the market will move when the April and May sales for these areas are reported.

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<a href="http://san-diego-property-management-blog.com">San Diego Property Management</a> wrote: Hello,

I have a friend who's father is a real estate broker in Philly. She told me that he too thinks we're hitting a bottom. But I think it's not just in Philly. If you go onto zilllow.com and look at the 10 year price graphs for many regions, you'll see that we've returned to the long-run home price appreciation trend line. Now, we may overshoot a little but we'll snap back quickly. Everything reverts to the mean...

What does everyone think?

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