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High Falls NYDon’t blink your eyes, you wouldn’t want to miss this charming and historic village located near the base of Mohonk Mountain in Ulster County, NY.  With a population of only 640 people (per the 2007 census), High Falls is small but packed with charm, history, quaint shops and super restaurants.  Easily located on Route 213 between Route 209 and the Village of Rosendale, High Falls is within a short drive to Stone Ridge or New Paltz.  It’s not only located near the base of thousands of acres of the Mohonk Mountain Preserve but directly nestled along the Rondout Creek and the infamous high falls where it derives its name.

High Falls is rich in history, once home to D & H Canal Locks 16-20.  Visit the D & H Canal museum featuring a working model of the

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There aren’t too many homeowners who don’t at least consider giving themselves a chance at selling their own property;  putting up a “For Sale by Owner” sign on the front lawn, placing a couple of photos and a description of the property on the internet and possibly saving a whole lot of money on a commission.  Especially in this difficult real estate market, saving some money can appeal to a good many people.  But there is always more than meets the eye to any situation, so, if you’re seriously thinking of going it alone without a qualified real estate agent, here are a few things to consider and even some tips for you.

First consider your time.  Will you be able to leave work to show your property at any given time to a stranger?  If your work schedule

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Tis the season to buy a real live Christmas Tree that you trudged out into the cold, snow and icy wind to find and cut down yourself!  Sounds great, right?  Well, it is, trust me.  Bring your own axe or cross cut saw, climb and point and climb some more until your icy feet and hands feel as if they’re going to fall off and there it will be, right in front of you, the perfect tree!  It can be a ton of fun and quite an adventure to cut down your own tree at one of Ulster Counties very own tree farms.  The kids really enjoy it but I see many adult couples there as well (probably in love, you know the type).  Many farms provide hot cocoa, possibly a bon fire, a lot of ambience and a large variety of trees.  Most provide the saws and sleds you’ll need to cut

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Whether you consider yourself a Scrooge, a Grinch or a Clark Griswald, chances are you’ll find yourself in the holiday spirit at some point this season.  Cutting down your own Christmas tree, taking a photo with Santa or attending a performance of the Nutcracker may be your family tradition or yearly ritual.  Ulster County with its wide variety of hamlets and towns, provides plenty of holiday events to choose from.  Here is a sampling of some of the events and a list of places you can cut down your own one-of-a-kind Christmas tree:


Take a Train Ride with Santa on the Catskill Mountain Railroad, Westbrook Lane, Kingston on December 11-12, 18-19, 1PM, 2PM, 3PM & 4PM, other holiday train rides available as well.

Catskill Ballet Performs the

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Most people familiar with homes in the Woodstock area think of soaring Contemporaries perched on the mountain with fabulous views or eclectic cottages or farmhouses transformed by their arts and crafts heritage into unique and charming residences, but the Woodstock, West Hurley and Zena areas also contain subdivisions and neighborhoods developed with families in mind in the 50’s, 60’s. 70’s and 80’s where Colonials, Ranches, Raised Ranches and Split Levels created that desired suburban neighborhood so many sought.  Well, those neighborhoods are still very much in demand but have transformed over time.  These neighborhoods provide a rural atmosphere, now pleasantly evolved with

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Selling your house in this market?  I don’t need to tell you it can be challenging!  Let’s see, you pick an agent you like, they put up the “For Sale” sign, place your property on MLS and whaalaa a buyer appears….well, it’s not that simple, especially in a tough real estate market like the one we’ve all been faced with for the last couple of years. So, here are a few tips for selling your home in Ulster County:


First, Hire the Right Agent!  Don’t just pick out an agent you “like”, pick out an agent who is informed, has plenty of experience, good communication skills and a good firm to back them up.  When I say a “good firm” I mean a company that doesn’t skimp on advertising, has a good presence in the internet and is willing to expose your property in

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Although most sellers and purchasers would agree that “Cash is King”, most purchasers do not have enough liquid assets (cash) to purchase a home outright.  Whether you are interested in purchasing Ulster County real estate or real estate in any other county of New York State, the majority of purchasers must obtain financing from a lender backed up by a mortgage on the property.  I think most real estate agents will back me up when I say that obtaining a mortgage is the largest part of the entire process of purchasing a home. 

To put the sellers mind at ease, most purchasers, at the advise of their real estate broker, will get pre-qualified for a mortgage.  Obtaining a pre-qualification for a mortgage is not the same as obtaining a pre-approval, but just

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Ulster County Real Estate

Whether you live in the “City” of Kingston in Ulster County, one of the many small hamlets or villages or you choose to live in a remote rural area of the county, there is one thing we Ulster County residents have in common, its that “small town” feeling.  Although Kingston and the surrounding township of Ulster are dotted with familiar franchises such as Lowe’s, Wal-Mart, Applebee’s, McDonald’s and the like, those of us that are familiar with living or working in Kingston all know just how “small town” Kingston can actually be.  I can’t remember a day of shopping that I didn’t run into someone else that I knew along the way.  Oh, there’s my husband’s golf buddy, or, Oh, there’s my daughter’s Soccer Coach, or Oh, there’s the woman I sold that cute

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Here a house, there a house, everywhere a house-house, but which one is “The” house?  Purchasers can sometime agonize over finding just the right place to call home.  And try as they may, they can’t always express exactly what it is that they need in a home in order to sign their name on the dotted line, pack up the moving van and ultimately hang up the “Home Sweet Home” sign.  If a buyer chooses the right agent, hopefully he or she will listen carefully enough to help them zone in on just the right place.

As a buyer, knowing what you like or even what you don’t like will help that agent enormously.  We know it’s not just about the square footage or location, but it’s often about the style.  The style of a house can give you the “feeling” you’re looking

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Woodstock Mountain ViewsWoodstock has its share of many fine attributes.  But aside from its reputation as an Arts Colony with its many fine galleries, theatrical performances and live music venues, Woodstock is home to many people because of its natural beauty amongst some of the most beautiful settings in the Catskill Mountains.  Not only will you find some of the most quaint, eclectic and charming shops and restaurants fronting Mill Hill Road and Tinker Street as anywhere else in the Hudson Valley, but taking just a short drive into the countryside of the Town of Woodstock will endear you to this township forever.

Woodstock’s roots go back to farmers and quarrymen and there are many charming farmhouses tucked into the mountains along the winding country roads.  These roads

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