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Upcoming Ulster County Events

Ulster County Calendar Of Events

With the New Year, comes a new calendar of events. Below is a list of some of the upcoming events throughout Ulster County for the month of January…..

Be sure to check back to for more upcoming events.

·        Saturday, January 8th - Gregg Allman Band Plays UPAC
   o   Gregg Allman, the lead singer/songwriter/organist/founding member of the Allman Brothers Band, brings his band to the Ulster Performing Arts Center, 601 Broadway, Kingston NY.  This will be the first appearance at UPAC for Allman and his band. Known for songs such as "Midnight Rider" and "Whipping Post," Gregg's distinctive singing and songwriting has earned him a place in the  Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as well as a listing among the "100 Greatest …
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Ulster County Real Estate – Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is tomorrow and being a parent, I just wanted to share a few tips on Trick or Treating safety.

Ulster County Real Estate-halloween-pumpkin1. Make sure you bring a flashlight with fresh batteries so that your little trick or treater can see and be seen.
2. Stay with a group, and walk slowly & communicate where you are going.
3. Only trick or treat in well known neighborhoods at homes that have a porch light on.
4. Remain on well-lit street and always use the sidewalk when applicable
5. Never cut across yards or use alleys

6. Never enter a stranger’s home or car for a treat, or you might get tricked.
7. Obey all traffic and pedestrian regulations
8. Remove any masks or item that will limit eyesight before crossing a street, driveway
9. Don’t

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Ulster County Real Estate: Hudson Valley Garlic Festival

Ulster County Real Estate

The Hudson Valley Garlic Festival™ is in its 22nd year, and is a fun-filled celebration of the garlic harvest, presented by the Kiwanis Club of Saugerties. All proceeds go to worthwhile community causes.

The festival is always held the last full weekend of September, so in 2010, it's September 25th and 26th.

The location is Cantine Field in Saugerties (Mile Marker 101, NY State Thruway).

Activities: A Schedule of Music, Entertainment and Fun!

Your day will include:

  • A visit to the Garlic Marketplace, with tons of gourmet garlic
  • The Food Alley, featuring garlic-enhanced foods.  There’s sausage, pulled pork, garlic soup, garlic green beans, and even garlic ice cream!  Something for
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Ulster County Real Estate: Area Attractions

Ulster County Real EstateUlster County offers quite a few options when it comes to finding things to do…..Bored??  Not here, we have something for everyone form the Hudson River to the Catskill Mountains.  Ulster County is a year around playground for children & adults of all ages, and no matter your preference, I promise you will find something to do.

From hiking to biking to fishing, kayaking, hunting, Art receptions to festivals, farmer’s markets, music festivals, arts & crafts shows.  Annual events such as the Ulster County Fair, Kingston’s Soap Box Derby, HITS on the Hudson, with a special Pfizer $1 Million Grand Prize with a special John Fogerty Concert this year in September.  Jazz festivals, blueberry & wild berry festivals,

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Ulster County Real Estate: Area Information And Attractions

Spring has not sprung….. Not yet anyway, but read on and you’ll find out what’s gonna pop up in Ulster County.

First off, you have the Pasta Primo Vino…. Nine wineries throughout Ulster County have come together to celebrate the spring with a tour of the wineries on the Shawangunk wine trail & pair their magnificent wines with delicious pasta recipes.

ulster-county-real-estate_400_02Take advantage of the Hudson and take part in the two day Striped Bass Tournament & barbeque. After the tournament, come dock your boat at the Rondout Waterfront  estival where there are a multitude of events that take place, such as the Rondout music & art festival,  or the Shad festival.

Don’t miss out on the 3rd annual Ulster County Wing Fling in

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Ulster County Real Estate
So thinking about moving to Ulster County or want to know what it has to offer? This is where the Catskills meet the Hudson.  It’s the closest feeling of being out west next to the Rockies without being out west.  A playground for all seasons, Ulster County has it all. Born and raised here, I really never appreciated this until I grew older.

One of the best things that I personally love about living here is that I am in the country, I wake up every morning to watching the deer walk through my back yard, and on an occasion, I get greeted by a bear, but yet I am only two hours north of New York City so I can get a taste of the city life, two hours to Vermont, and two hours to the beach to catch some rays and feel the sand in my toes.  Everything is so

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Ulster County Real Estate And Luxury Homes

Many of you think of a luxury home as being these enormous 6,000 square foot mansions.  Well that may not always be the case.  Now days, especially in today’s market smaller might be better, it might even be greener.  It is what's on the inside that counts, not always on the outside as your mother may have taught you.  Besides, luxury home standards in your community and neighborhood may be much different from the others.

Many seekers of luxury homes are very seasoned and affluent home buyers, ones that are pretty specific about what types of features that they may want or that they may need.  Some examples may be a formal and separate entry way maybe with some type of exotic wood or natural stone flooring. …
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Ulster County Real EstateIt's not just about Real Estate in Ulster County..... With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, what do you have planned for your sweetheart?  Well being that I have been married now for almost seven years, have a beautiful four year old, and work as a full time real estate agent, I have very little time to spend with my sweetheart.  So for Valentine’s Day this year i was thinking of a couple of different options.

 First, I was considering staying overnight at a B&B in Woodstock. Laid back and relaxed, go grab an awesome meal walk through the shops, and then spend a romantic evening with my sweetheart.

 ulster-county-real-estate-mohonk-mountain-houseThen I was considering going towards the New Paltz / Gardner area and going with the spa theme.  Mohonk Mountain House has the spa…………& the

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So now that the holidays are over and the New Year is approaching rapidly… look at your spouse and say now what?  What can we do now?  If you are from Ulster County, or anywhere in Upstate New York, then you know that the next few months are usually the rough ones.  It’s cold….It’s freezing….It’s snowing…..You can’t go out side and play soccer, or swim in the pool, or even give your car a good wash.  The days are shorter, and the nights are longer.  So why not try out some different places to eat and shop locally.  Born and raised here in Ulster County, I have had the pleasure to enjoy some of what I think are the best places to eat, shop, and just get lost for the day or as my family calls it “muffin huntin”.   

sweetsue_400Well if you like pancakes, I have

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So you would think that after a long week of showing houses throughout Ulster County, from Woodstock to Saugerties to Stone Ridge & Hurley, that I would have not wanted to go and see anymore…….Wrong. After my appointments, I hopped in the car to meet my mother-in-law and her two girlfriends.  We met up at the Tonner Doll Company Store where we gathered our maps, and the list of the homes that we were about to see.

Ulster County Real EstateThe Junior League of Kingston’s Holly Berry Trail features extended previews of private homes in Ulster County that are fully decorated in holiday splendor inside and out.  The location of each home is a closely guarded secret until the day of the tour when ticket holders receive a map to the homes and a booklet with detailed descriptions of

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