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Catskill NY Real Estate Real Estate in Catskill, New York will find you taking part in the colorful history of a famous Hudson River town. A long established history, Catskill made a name for itself as a thriving commerce community situated perfectly between Albany and New York City. 19th century architecture greets you as you stroll through town, where a re-gentrification has taken hold, uncovering the beauty of what once was.

Purchasing a home in Catskill, New York is like buying a piece of history. Take a tour of the home of world renowned artist Thomas Cole – from the Hudson River School of Artists. Imagine what it was to be Nellie Bly, the muckraking journalist who settled in Catskill after her retirement, or William Smith, a local contractor who was the original model for…
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Saugerties NY Real EstateSaugerties NY was named one of the 10 coolest small towns in America by Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel magazine, with the quote “Saugerties can feel so much like home for weekenders that some have made it official.”, and Saugerties is is also known for hosting Woodstock '94, which was the 25th year celebration of the original Woodstock Music Festival.

Saugerties is again reinventing itself without loosing the charm. The locals love to point out that Saugerties is located between the Hudson River and the Catskill mountains, which gives the residents the benefit of nature’s visual beauty and a wealth of recreational opportunities. As a resident, there is a little something for everyone in Saugerties. Currently there are a number of unique properties being…
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Ulster County Winter Activities



Ulster County Real Estate 

If winter activity is a must for you, your friends and your family, Ulster County is a “must visit” as a jump off point to all that the season has to offer. For a wonderful family adventure, Windham Mountain is a family friendly resort that offers skiing, snowboarding, and snow tubing. The mountain now boasts a 98% snow making capability, so the trails are always ready to go. Travel time to the area is short, and if you are traveling from NYC, the journey is the length of a movie. Of course if you plan ahead, there are a number of local Ulster County Catskill communities where you can “jump off” and be on the slopes within minutes.

If you are a dedicated enthusiast of the outdoors, weekends year round can provide

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Ulster County Real Estate

Winter is upon us, so what’s a body to do… Well quite frankly, a lot. If you are located in the Greater Ulster County Area, winter brings a host of activity and if I may say, adventure. For those individuals who reside in Metropolitan New York City, a weekend retreat in Ulster County will put you in the heart of an area that can supply you with endless hours of activity, or some quiet time curled up in front of a fire with a good book and a favorite drink. (You can substitute your beverage of choice.)

Just because the temperature has taken a dip on the old thermometer, by no means indicates that activity on the water has ceased for the year. Just the opposite is true, and activity increases once the freezing is sufficiently

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Ulster County Real Estate - About Saugerties NY

 In 2009, Saugerties was named one of the 10 Coolest Small Towns in America. As a resident of this cool town, I can attest to the uniqueness of this community. Not only is the quality of life remarkably good because of the friendly nature of its citizens, but there is a great cross current of the arts, a well established restaurant scene, and most importantly, the physical location of Saugerties, between the Hudson River and the Catskill Mountains which makes this a very enjoyable place to live, while offering great opportunities to experience the area. Located just 100 miles north of NYC, Saugerties continues to add pieces to the puzzle to keep this community, “cool”.

The Village of Saugerties is

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Ulster County Real Estate - Tips for Sellers

There are a number of things that as a seller, you may want to consider before you contact a REALTOR to list & market your home. First and foremost, understand that the buyer’s and their lenders in most cases will be conducting inspections. You as a seller should therefore either have a pre-sales inspection conducted to understand what issues need fixing and addressing, or be very honest with yourself about the condition of the home. Upon the conclusion of this inspection, if you go that route, you will have a good idea surrounding what issues will be brought up in the negotiation of the home. The buyer’s inspector will report what is “wrong” with the property and you must then either address the issues by

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Ulster County Real Estate - The Shawangunk's

Ulster County Real EstateIf you want to have more fun than should be allowed by law, all within a 90 minute ride of New York City, spend a weekend exploring the Gunks. What are the Gunks you ask? They are a world class climbing destination perched in, on, and around the Shawangunk Ridge. Home to some of the best rock climbing in North America. The Sky Top, a prominent stone face with more than 300 different routes to the top, has cliffs up to 350 feet. Check out one or two of The Gunks' ice caves, where the deep rock fissures stay icy cool throughout the summer months.

For the active trail runner, there is the 12 mile+ Wallkill Valley Rail Trail located near the Village of New Paltz. The trail, which was once an active rail road

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Ulster County Real Estate: The Second Home Market

Did you say that now is a good time to buy a second home?Ulster County Real Estate

Currently, there is an unparalleled opportunity to purchase a second home. The average cost of a home is declining, and appears ready to hit a soft landing and stabilize. The housing market is rife with a number of solid potential purchased waiting for a deal to be made. Lastly, there are a number of tax benefits to owning a second home, depending mainly on how the property will be used.

1. A second home for personal use, such a vacation homes, the tax benefits fall mainly on your deductible.

2. A second home for rental purposes, depending on the number of days it will be used for this purpose, or personal use, will determine the tax benefits

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Ulster County Horse Farm

The steady breathing of an athlete covering ground quickly. The early morning mist, disturbed by the constant unending beat echoing off the turf. The distinctive aroma that is work and success, are all byproducts of the ever expanding equine industry in the Hudson River Valley, that’s right, Horse Farms.

There have always been Horse Farms in the Valley, be it for the breeding of thoroughbreds, or to meet other unique equine needs such as draft or show horses. Farms for boarding or pleasure riding have always had a place in the community, however, in the past number of years, and with the introduction of Horse Show in the Sun, (HITS), in Ulster County, there has been tremendous new growth within this formerly niche community.

It is now possible to

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So you want to save the Planet, look in the mirror to start….

Ulster County Real Estate Green TechnologyGreen Technology, Going Green, Save the Environment; what ever you call it, for homeowners, it is just a repackaging of the old weatherization and modernization mantra. I know, I know, how dare I not genuflect before the holey alter of what is currently in fad and politically correct, but that’s me. I mean come on, if you were serious about supplying a constant, proven, accessible, job providing, source of energy, over the long term, with no additional green house gases pumped into the atmosphere, we would be talking nuclear power. Yes there is a storage issue concerning nuclear waste, but as is done currently, it will be stored on site. Like the French, who derive 75% of there domestic energy

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