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 Ulster County Real Estate – Fall Is Here

Ulster County Real EstateFall in Ulster County & around the Hudson Valley - Here we are again -The cool crisp air, football games, and the anticipation of our first deep freeze! Is there anywhere more beautiful than looking out on the Hudson River during a fall afternoon?

I did just that last Sunday, I had the most amazing open house, for hours I watched a beautiful sailboat race, tugs up and down the Hudson and the Barges, amazing to watch!

With the change of the season, we also experience a change in our local real estate market.

If you are planning on selling your home before the end of the need to learn a couple of tricks to make your sale a real treat!

Just as everyone loves the fall, the change of seasons, so does

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Ulster County Real Estate: Is It A Good Time To Buy

Ulster County Real EstateIs it a good time to buy Real Estate? YES, YES, YES!!!

The buyer in todays market needs to know that while we all hear things about the decline in todays economey, that market conditions could not be better for buying a home.

A low interest rate coupled with strong negotiation means substantial savings for the consumer. The main objective for a buyer today, needs to be finding a buyers agent who understands the local market conditions, and fully understands the needs of the buyer.

It is important to be prequalified with a local lending institution, your offer needs to have "teeth"  - that means that you are ready, willing and able to buy. It is also important that once you find a home, your buyers

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Ulster County Real Estate: Housing market Good or Bad?

Ulster County Real EstateIn our current economic times, one hears that now is the time to buy a home. With historically low interest rates, and many new & different programs to take advantage of, this could very well be the best time to buy.

But, what about the first time home buyers who are not so sure about where they will be in 5 years? They want to buy, but are afraid to make a bad decision? The answer is a 2 family home... yes, a two family home. The market has so much to choose from, in terms of 2 or multi-family homes. The reason is this, getting a mortgage on a non-owner occupied home is very difficult with mortgage companies tightening their belts on income properties. But, the whole story changes if you are an

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Ulster County Real EstateLooking for a second home or weekender? My experience with the second home market is this….. Buyers want the house to be manageable, not too small, but not a Mac Mansion either.

In Ulster County, we have many weekenders due to the close proximity of NYC, just a 2.5 hr ride.

What is a second home / weekend buyer looking for? High end, and very charming. They want privacy, cedar shake or clapboard is great, no vinyl siding, a front porch, beautiful hardwood flooring, maybe some kitchen wainscoting, granite, stainless appliances, lots of windows, maybe some exposed brick. A Master Bedroom Suite with a luxurious bath – just a sweet nest to come to on the weekends.

These properties are not hard to find, with prices that vary from $300,000 to probably

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Ulster County Real EstateYou hear it all the time.... Things are not easy in this market. But maybe what you need is a realistic, enthusiastic real estate broker on your side.

First – you want to know how the real estate professional arrived at the asking price. Ask questions, see comparable properties that have sold within the last 6 months.

Second -  Marketing. Where is your house to be found, easily. How does it stand out? Pictures are your best form of advertising. Clean up, paint... Create an atmosphere. Put up a wreath, fill in a flower box... All these things paint a pretty picture

Third – Your real estate professional should know all about the 2010 governmental perks and incentives to help stimulate a sale – from tax credits to interest rates to if a property is even

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You hear it all the time; Oprah, Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, blah, blah, blah….. But what is your best year?

Have you asked yourself the question “what makes me happy?”.

After a lunch this past weekI was accused of having an “intensive A-Type personality”, WTF! I thought that was a good thing, I like it!

I like a plan…. I need a plan for accomplishment. I love a day that brings me to places I had never thought of in the morning – Rhinebeck, Saugerties, Woodstock, back to Kingston….. Out to Esopus & back to Kingston. Listing houses for sale, showing houses to buyers, meeting inspectors or appraisers. I love it. The more things I can do in a day – the better. Does that make me an A-Type?

I grocery shop at 7am on a Sunday – EVERY Sunday. Is that a bad thing? Sometimes I

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So….. All of the shopping is done. Everyone will have something special, Santa does his best work under pressure…… and the Visa card is still hot!!
Now, it’s time to think about your Holiday Dinner. Making it festive is easier than you might think….

Lighting is key. If you have a dining room chandelier, you might go to the local dollar store to pick up some “strings of crystals” to loop through the chandelier.

Or, make a lovely centerpiece – easily done with a platter of Granny Smith apples piled 2 high in the center, some poinsettias from a craft shop and a red & green candle votives around the platter. Remember not to make your centerpiece too high, people need to see across the table for engaging conversation!

Ulster County Real EstateThink about your guests and try to

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As a full time Real Estate Broker in the Ulster County area, I feel that sellers and buyers underestimate the power of smell.

458_800The smell/scent of a home can be just as positive as it can be negative.

Have you ever walked into your Moms House and say to yourself, "smells like home".
My family home in Saratoga always smells like baked goods, an apple pie, cookies or a ham baking with brown sugar. There is a cozy/homey feeling in many smells.
When selling homes in Kingston, Woodstock, Stone Ridge in Ulster County, I frequently suggest lighting a Country Candle, maybe a Cinnamon,  Vanilla, or Pumpkin are just a few of the more popular country scents. ONLY, if you don’t have time to bake the real deal!

Or, a clean crisp scent on a summers day

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A place to cook, do homework, computer work and even maybe laundry. Kitchens have evolved over the years as families have become busier, and schedules more ambitious.

Long gone are the days of mom staying at home to make Roast Beef and Mashed Potatoes. Today’s Real Estate consumer is looking for a multi-purpose Kitchen / Great Room. Some perks include wainscoting, granite, soapstone, big beautiful porcelain sinks, stainless appliances, brushed Nickel fixtures, and if at all possible, a fireplace – yes, a big beautiful fireplace with overstuffed furniture for comfortable conversation.

People are generally willing to do cosmetic work, painting, even update bedrooms – if they have a beautiful kitchen they can picture themselves in. 

We are happy to help you…
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