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Ulster County Real Estate - Tips For Sellers

Crazy as it might seem I have this thing about mailboxes. At my previous home I had a mailbox hanging to the right of my front door. The mail carrier walked up on my porch and delivered my mail. My mailbox then was a beautiful large Longaberger Basket mailbox with an attached wooden lid and hand signed on the bottom and dated by the individual basket weaver. This was of course in the days when I sold these baskets and basically was supporting my own collecting habit. I think this is when my fixation on the mailbox started.

Is a mailbox just for practical purposes? It never has been for me and I know that there are many more of you out there of like mind.

Now onto my current mailbox. This mailbox

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Ulster County Real Estate: Tips For Sellers

 Ulster County Real Estate Clean Those Gutters

It is that time of year when curb appeal takes on a whole new meaning.  If your home is on the market please take the time to walk around the exterior and look up at those gutters.  I can't tell you how many times  a buyer has focused on the gutters on a home and dreamed up every other thing that could be wrong with the home because the gutters have not been cleaned. I know it sounds crazy, but buyers think if you are not tending to your gutters,  you  also have not done yearly maintenance on other parts of your home. This market is tough. Don't give buyers a reason to find fault.  Clean the gutters and if need be replace the gutters. It will also help in controlling the water runoff on

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Ulster County Real Estate: Boosting Curb Appeal with Flowers

In my previous posts, I gave tips to sellers on how to increase the appeal of your home, by using my own home as an example. For sellers, this is a great & affordable tip to increase the curb appeal of your home.

Ulster County Real EstateAfter spending a small fortune every year to give a pop to my home's exterior, I have finally learned that investing in perennials and adding a few pots of annuals with color is the way to go without breaking the bank.

I choose an area every year to plant a new group of perennials and now I am just moving things around as I find out by trial and error what works. The secret is having constant color in a rotation throughout the season. I love the excitement in the Spring when things

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Ulster County Real Estate - Old HurleyWhen I think of Old Hurley, New York, a picture of a Norman Rockwell print comes to mind. Here you are in this little Hamlet that almost appears to be frozen in time. As you walk along the Main Street you will see antique shops, old stone homes, the Hurley Heritage Society Museum and down around the bend sits the Dutch Reformed Church.

Some of the activities you might enjoy include a wonderful small town summertime parade, a Corn Festival, and a guided walking tour just to name a few.

Another great addition to the town of Hurley in recent years is the development of the Hurley Rail Trail, built on the former O&W railroad bed in Hurley. This trail which is great for biking, jogging, or an afternoon stroll, runs along Route 209 all the way to the

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Ulster County Real EstateContinuing from my previous blog: Ulster County Real Estate: Improve The Saleability Of Your Home, this is tip # 2: Let the light in – don’t forget about the front door!

Here we go with another home tip that adds curb appeal, light and value to your excising home. The front door.

On the first viewing of my current home,  entered a nice sized entry hallway and noticed that once the doors shut behind me, it was dark. The solid double doors were painted a reddish / coral color, possibly to attract a prospective buyer. I guess after a year or so on the market, it may have been time to take another look at that entry door for a makeover. I knew I had to change those front doors.

Whether a single or double door, or a door with side lights, just remember that

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It's 2010 - Let's Get organized & Sell That House!Ulster County Real Estate

As a full time, consistent top producing real estate agent specializing in Woodstock, Hurley, Kingston, Stone Ridge, Saugerties, or anywhere in Ulster County, there's one thing I can say that you should keep in mind.... A clean, organized, fresh smelling home means dollar signs in the New Year.

In our current market, buyers have so much to choose from that your house must stand out. Most buyers will give a home the thumbs up, or down within the first few minutes , sometimes even seconds during a showing. Do they see clutter before they even hit the front door? Do they smell a dog or a couple of cats? Is the litter box in view? Is it clean?

When a seller says the home is in "as is" condition, that's

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How do you take a 1970’s ranch style home and improve it without breaking the bank? I have several tips that I have used on my own home and will be sharing those with you over the up and coming months. Even if you’re not interested in selling your home right now, I still hope that you enjoy reading about some of the creative low cost updates that I have done myself.

To give you a bit of background, I purchased my home in 2006 after it had been on the market for over a year. The house basically sat because it was so outdated on both the interior and exterior that most people wouldn’t even make it past the front door.

I was told by most of my friends and co-workers to pass on it all together. I loved the location, that was not a problem. It was on a quiet

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Ulster County - CatskillsDuring my last ride through Ulster County as I was showing homes, I really had to stop and think about how fortunate I am to call Ulster County my home.

Whether I am taking a day trip to visit the shops near the Village Green in Woodstock, skiing at some of the local resorts like Hunter, Bellayre or Windham, or just taking in some of the beautiful views from areas like New Paltz or Stone Ridge, you have to take a moment and think about the feeling of residing in an area where country living is at its best, yet just a quick 2 hours to the streets of NYC. The perfect distance without being too far away!

I wish everyone in all of the areas of Ulster County, including High Falls, Woodstock, Mount Tremper, Olive, Stone Ridge, New Paltz, Esopus, Kingston,

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 I recently called on Anna Sember of The Well Dressed House, a home stager in the Ulster County area, for the staging of a home located just outside of Woodstock, in the Olive area. Anna services Ulster County, including Woodstock, Stone Ridge, High Falls, Catskill and everything in between.
Ulster County Real EstateUlster County Real Estate

The home is about 10 minutes from the NYS Thruway, Exit 19 Kingston ramp, just onto Route 28 to the town of Olive / Shokan area, just past Woodstock.

The home sits privately back off the road in a great setting and has a wonderful floor plan. You are just minutes from skiing at Hunter, Windham and Bellayre Mountains as well as the Woodstock Village Green for an afternoon stroll in the shops.
Ulster County Real EstateUlster County Real Estate
The only thing missing in this home was the lack of definition in most of the

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This past spring, Anna Sember, a stager who owns The Well Dressed House, staged two homes that Murphy Realty Group had for sale in Historic Uptown Kingston, Ulster County New York.

p4309370-edit_2560The homes had been on the market before in 2008, and although had showings, they had not received any offers. Within a few weeks of the homes being staged, we had offers which led to the sale of both homes.

In today’s economy, many sellers feel they don’t want lay out the extra cash to have their homes staged. Those sellers might want to think again.

When showing a home, I find the most important thing to a buyer is the feeling that they can see themselves living in the home. When a buyer walks into a home and says “I could live here”, you know that they are making an

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