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Ulster County Real Estate: Home Staging Tips

Remove Wallpaper and Take Up The Carpet

Ulster County Real EstateMost buyers today are looking for homes that are move in ready. This is why it is a wise decision for home sellers to remove their dated wallpaper and either lift the wall to wall carpet to show off existing hardwood floors or replace it with fresh carpeting.

If you have ever tried to remove wallpaper, you know that it can be a daunting task depending on whether the wall had been sized properly before the paper application. Sizing is applied to the wall as a glaze to seal the porous surfaces.  Unfortunately, if this step was skipped in the paper hanging process, to remove the old wallpaper can be a tedious chore.  Not many buyers relish the thought of spending a lot

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Ulster County Real Estate: Home Staging Tips

Give Those Rooms Definition

Ulster County Real Estate Home StagingA mistake so often made by sellers is to move out and leave their former home vacant.  The homeowner thinks by doing this a buyer will be able to get a better feel for the space. In some cases, a buyer does have good spatial abilities and can visualize whether their five piece sectional, two armchairs and large, oak coffee table will truly fit in the vacant living room space. 

From experience, I can tell you this is more often not the case.  Many buyers will eliminate a property that they feel is too small even if the square footage says otherwise.  Without the requisite furniture pieces, the room’s layout isn’t apparent.

This happened in a particular home I staged several years ago. …
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Ulster County Real Estate Home Staging Tips

Don’t Confuse The Buyer 

Ulster County Real Estate Home StagingA much needed yet often overlooked aspect of readying your home for market is the necessity to clearly identify the purpose of each room in the house. 

When we live in the home many times it works better for everyday living yet can be very confusing for a prospective buyer if the original intention of the room is altered.

Empty nesters or childless couples won’t relate well to toys scattered where a dining table should be located.  Nor will an elderly couple see the need for a room full of weight lifting equipment instead of a spare room for their adult children to be able to spend the upcoming holidays.

Ulster County Real Estate Home StagingEat in kitchens should allow for just that.  I have seen homes that either do not have…
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Ulster County Real Estate - Home Staging Tips: Curb Appeal

Ulster County Real EstateBefore a prospective buyer even enters the front door to your house, they view the outside.  As they pull up, your home comes into view and this first impression may be all it takes for them to continue inside or just ask the realtor to keep driving to the next listing. Talk about disappointing.  You, the seller have just spent time tidying up and staging the inside of your home. However, no one mentioned the need to dress up the outside. 

Before you list your home, take a walk directly across the street from your house.  This view is one that we, the owner, fail to see as we go about life. We get in our cars and drive to and fro and rarely look at how our homes look to passersby.  We become

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Ulster County Real Estate - Home Staging Tips

Empty Out Those Closets

Oh, those dreaded closets!  They are the deep, dark recesses into the corners of our homes.  The spaces that have been storing the same stuff since you first moved into your house, maybe ten or more years ago.  Well, when you are getting ready to sell, the closets have to be cleared. This same method of editing should be applied to all of your storage spaces.

Even the largest walk-in closet can look small when crowded with all the clothes and shoes we own.  In many cases, the clothes are in varying sizes for when we either gain a little weight or for when we finally get back into the shape we were as a young girl or guy.  But, we all know in our hearts those small sizes will never

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Ulster County Real Estate - Staging Tips

Pets As Potential Distractions

Pets are such a part of our lives.  They are often treated better than family members.  In many cases, they are  the siblings or children we never had.  Unfortunately, they can be an issue when it comes to selling a home.  How so you ask?

As much as we love our furry or feathered friends, many people are frightened by our pets. Not everyone wants to be greeted by a large, slobbering dog who thinks every visitor is there to see them and is just so excited to have company. Our beloved cats lying across the bed pillows or peering down from atop the kitchen cabinets can be found by some as unsanitary or disturbing.  Cleo the cat doesn't see the problem, since Mom and Dad never question

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Ulster County Real Estate - Home Staging Tips

In my last two posts (Ulster County Real Estate - Tips For Home Sellers and Ulster County Real Estate: Time To De-Clutter – Pack Away As Much As Possible!) , we covered the need for sellers to de-clutter and clean their homes in preparation for marketing.  Now, we move on to depersonalizing the space.  Potential Buyers will find it hard to move into the house when they feel as if you are still living there.

Begin by taking down personal pictures.  You love your friends and family.  However, having Great Uncle Arthur’s portrait staring down from above the fireplace may intimidate potential buyers.  They don’t realize he is the life of the party at every family gathering and that his stern appearance comes

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Ulster County Real Estate - Tips For Home Sellers

The way we live in a home and the way we sell a house are two very different things. When we live in a space, it is easy to overlook the dust bunnies hiding under the beds or the cookie crumbs beneath the table. Now I know all of the readers that are among the unlucky souls to possess an obsessive compulsion to dirt, this may seem foreign to you. However, the rest of the population may feel giving the house the once over in preparation for marketing their home is good enough.  Unfortunately for the seller, buyers not only see these nasty little culprits but may consider not buying the home because the uncleanliness either seen or felt makes them feel uncomfortable. 

Selling your home requires a

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Ulster County Real Estate - Tips For Sellers

Clutter eats equity.  Most buyers can not visualize the true size of a prospective home’s rooms if they can’t see the walls. Selling your home is not the time to show off your decorating skills. Buyers are not purchasing your furnishings and your personal items do more to distract them than to help them focus on what great features your house has to offer. 

In many cases, the internet is the first step for buyers to scout out potential properties.  If your home’s photos appear disorganized or overstuffed, your house may be passed by in their search for a new home.  Many sellers feel buyers will look past the clutter.  This is no longer the case.  Instead they just move on to the next picture of an organized,

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