August 2010

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Welcome!  Ulster County has lots to offer!  Rich in history and diversity, Ulster County is a natural beauty as well, bordered by the scenic Hudson River to the east, the renowned Catskill Mountains to the West, the Shawangunk Ridge in the southern end of the county as well as beautiful orchards, farmlands and many quaint villages.  Ulster County is home to the Historic City of Kingston, the eclectic Village of Woodstock and the State University of New York at New Paltz, just to name a few of the many great places to visit, explore and enjoy.

The County Seat of Ulster is Kingston which was recently pegged as a great value in the current real estate market by none other than Barbara Corcoran (you might’ve heard of her).  Kingston was also identified as a

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Ulster County Real Estate: Home Staging Tips

You found the home of your dreams, in your mind you've decorated it, you imagined living there and you are ready to make an offer. But wait, you have to sell your home!
Ulster County Real EstateWhat will make it sell quicker? I know! Stage it! Yes, but do it right. How? Don't decorate your home, but stage it. What's the difference? Staging is preparing a home for sale by de-personalizing it and making it appealing to potential buyers. Decorating is personalizing your home to your taste so that you will enjoy living there. If your ready to make  the move to the home of your dreams, then get serious, pack up the personal decor, and get rid of the things you don't want to take with you. Do it before you put your home on the market, not

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It’s natural that buyers and sellers alike would have an interest in where current market trends are taking us.  The general public has an interest as well.  As a real estate agent in Ulster County, New York, wherever I go, people always ask “How are sales?”, “Is the market picking up?”, “Are prices still dropping?”.  Although every property and market area are different, we can rely on statistics to help us get a general evaluation of what’s happening in Ulster County, as well as the rest of the state and the country.  The data collected by NYSAR for 2010’s second quarter shows 24,327 closings of single family homes, a drastic increase of 71% from the first quarter.  The month of June was of particular note with 11,230 homes sold, a new monthly record. …
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Ulster County Real Estate: Area Attractions

Ulster County Real EstateUlster County offers quite a few options when it comes to finding things to do…..Bored??  Not here, we have something for everyone form the Hudson River to the Catskill Mountains.  Ulster County is a year around playground for children & adults of all ages, and no matter your preference, I promise you will find something to do.

From hiking to biking to fishing, kayaking, hunting, Art receptions to festivals, farmer’s markets, music festivals, arts & crafts shows.  Annual events such as the Ulster County Fair, Kingston’s Soap Box Derby, HITS on the Hudson, with a special Pfizer $1 Million Grand Prize with a special John Fogerty Concert this year in September.  Jazz festivals, blueberry & wild berry festivals,

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