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Ulster County Real Estate

Whether you live in the “City” of Kingston in Ulster County, one of the many small hamlets or villages or you choose to live in a remote rural area of the county, there is one thing we Ulster County residents have in common, its that “small town” feeling.  Although Kingston and the surrounding township of Ulster are dotted with familiar franchises such as Lowe’s, Wal-Mart, Applebee’s, McDonald’s and the like, those of us that are familiar with living or working in Kingston all know just how “small town” Kingston can actually be.  I can’t remember a day of shopping that I didn’t run into someone else that I knew along the way.  Oh, there’s my husband’s golf buddy, or, Oh, there’s my daughter’s Soccer Coach, or Oh, there’s the woman I sold that cute

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Ulster County Real Estate - Tips For Sellers

Clutter eats equity.  Most buyers can not visualize the true size of a prospective home’s rooms if they can’t see the walls. Selling your home is not the time to show off your decorating skills. Buyers are not purchasing your furnishings and your personal items do more to distract them than to help them focus on what great features your house has to offer. 

In many cases, the internet is the first step for buyers to scout out potential properties.  If your home’s photos appear disorganized or overstuffed, your house may be passed by in their search for a new home.  Many sellers feel buyers will look past the clutter.  This is no longer the case.  Instead they just move on to the next picture of an organized,

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Ulster County Real EstateThere's a lot to think about before you purchase your first home. Are you financial prepared? Are you ready to make a commitment?

Here's a list of things to think about and see if it's the right time to buy your first home.
1. How much you can afford? The cost of a home is much more than a monthly mortgage payment. There are also property and school taxes, maintenance and upkeep, utilities and home owners insurance. 

2. Do you have a monthly and stable source of income? If you have any doubts or are thinking of leaving your work place. You may want to hold off. Or, if you get laid off, will you have another way to pay your mortgage, such as a savings account? 
3. Do you know your credit score? If it's low you'll have to repaired it. This is very

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Ulster County Real Estate
So thinking about moving to Ulster County or want to know what it has to offer? This is where the Catskills meet the Hudson.  It’s the closest feeling of being out west next to the Rockies without being out west.  A playground for all seasons, Ulster County has it all. Born and raised here, I really never appreciated this until I grew older.

One of the best things that I personally love about living here is that I am in the country, I wake up every morning to watching the deer walk through my back yard, and on an occasion, I get greeted by a bear, but yet I am only two hours north of New York City so I can get a taste of the city life, two hours to Vermont, and two hours to the beach to catch some rays and feel the sand in my toes.  Everything is so

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Here a house, there a house, everywhere a house-house, but which one is “The” house?  Purchasers can sometime agonize over finding just the right place to call home.  And try as they may, they can’t always express exactly what it is that they need in a home in order to sign their name on the dotted line, pack up the moving van and ultimately hang up the “Home Sweet Home” sign.  If a buyer chooses the right agent, hopefully he or she will listen carefully enough to help them zone in on just the right place.

As a buyer, knowing what you like or even what you don’t like will help that agent enormously.  We know it’s not just about the square footage or location, but it’s often about the style.  The style of a house can give you the “feeling” you’re looking

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