April 2009

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The New York Association of REALTORS reported that home sales have made a significant increase from February to March both locally and statewide.  The increase for New York State is as high as 14 percent and projections look even better.  Adding heavily to the state average is Ulster County with a whopping 67% increase from the previous month.

Counties showing an INCREASE from February to March:

  • Columbia County: 12%
  • Orange County: 27%
  • Rockland County: 5%
  • Westchester County: 19%

Counties showing a DECREASE from February to March:

  • Greene County: 12%
  • Putnam County: 16%
  • Sullivan County: 23%
Dutchess County remained unchanged.

Home prices continue to fall in Columbia, Dutchess, Orange and Putnam while slightly increasing in Rockland,…
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new-york-foreclosure_456If you are out to purchase real estate in Ulster County you need to know the tricks for finding the best bargains, taking into consideration the unstable environment. Noting declining property values, the unstable future of the housing market, and the possible looming economic recession, plunging your finances into a new home can be a scary situation. However, there are methods of ensuring quality values despite the unstable situation, and one of your best opportunities is in the New York listings of foreclosure.

With a majority of people used to buying homes using real estate brokers,  foreclosure listings in New York are secured from mortgage lenders at a public auction. The process is open to the public, and it's easy to learn. And, to the good, since…
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