December 2008

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foreclosure_413Click here for a list of Ulster County Foreclosures

New York on a whole has foreclosure rates dropping across the board, both in this month compared to last month and this year compared to 07.  Compared to the rest of the state, Ulster County Foreclosures are among the lowest in New York at a mere 22 for November.  

The Five counties among the highest in foreclosure were responsible for 57 percent of all foreclosure activity in New York for the month of November. Queens County had 512 properties with foreclosure filings. Orange County came in at the state’s second highest total, reporting 312. Third place goes to Nassau County, reporting 252.  Kings County is fourth, reporting 236, making Suffolk County number 5 with 162 properties with foreclosure

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catskill-holiday-train_400_01A new holiday attraction has been added to the already festive spirit of Ulster County.  The Catskill Mountain Railroad is back in business and providing a special holiday service.  The recently restored, half-century-old RS-I engine, will be stationed at the intersection of Westbrook Lane and Aaron Court near the alternate entrance to Kingston Plaza.  The trip will run hourly and wind along a 2 mile stretch to include Fair Street, Washington and Albany avenues returning passengers to the pick-up point.  The train reaches a top speed of 15 miles per hour and can hold up to 70 passengers.
The train and route have now been made operational thanks to the over 100 volenteers that are dedicated to the history of the Catskill Mountain Railroad and Ulster County. …
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Very few places in the United States can compare to the Hudson River Valley in terms of beauty, architecture, and history. In fact, it has been designated a national heritage area by Congress. Currently consisting of the metro area of New York's suburbs, it was one of the initial regions to be colonized during the new world exploration, and once served as a battleground in colonial wars. This area has seen some difficult times, as well as what some would call the best of society. The beautiful Hudson River Valley, in comparison to Germany's Rhine River, has earned the nickname, "America's Rhine."

The Hudson River Valley's beautiful and pristine area consisting of rolling hills as well as the picturesque Hudson River has become a popular place to live,

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